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2022 Products: Zed plush

 by Zombie Pumpkins! ¦  Wed Sep 21, 2022 1:12 pm ¦  Forum: ZP Shop Discussion ¦  Topic: 2022 Products: Zed plush ¦  Replies: 2 ¦  Views: 62

Coming soon: Zed the pumpkin mascot in plush form! Part of a collector's treat bag of exclusive items, celebrating the 20th anniversary of Zombie Pumpkins! 🔪🎃


The Crypt-Keeper (EC Comics) (done)

 by Zombie Pumpkins! ¦  Sat Sep 17, 2022 10:56 am ¦  Forum: ZP Pattern Discussion ¦  Topic: The Crypt-Keeper (EC Comics) (done) ¦  Replies: 1 ¦  Views: 68

Ignoring the Comics Code Authority, I bring you the haunting host of EC Comics' Tales from the Crypt. From a clammy corner of his cadaver-cavern, meet your craven caretaker of cold corpses, The Crypt-Keeper! 🖨️ Prin...

Re: Guess the 2022 Site Title! (contest)

 by Zombie Pumpkins! ¦  Wed Sep 14, 2022 7:07 am ¦  Forum: ZP Site Discussion ¦  Topic: Guess the 2022 Site Title! (contest) ¦  Replies: 19 ¦  Views: 792

Official statement about the annual guessing contest is posted at the top of this thread now, but I'll repeat it here. Happy guessing! Time has a way of changing things, and after 20 years, a whole new era for Zombie...

Re: When will the carving tools be ready for purchase?

 by Zombie Pumpkins! ¦  Mon Sep 12, 2022 4:52 pm ¦  Forum: ZP Shop Discussion ¦  Topic: When will the carving tools be ready for purchase? ¦  Replies: 1 ¦  Views: 128

I ran into some unexpected delays with production, but things are back in track, and I'm aiming for late September to have them in stock again. Stay tuned!

Re: Cross Stitch, anyone?

 by Zombie Pumpkins! ¦  Mon Sep 12, 2022 4:47 pm ¦  Forum: Stenciling Beyond Pumpkins ¦  Topic: Cross Stitch, anyone? ¦  Replies: 3 ¦  Views: 166

That's great! You might not look like a typical cross stitcher, but I can see how it's a fun hobby. Similar to pumpkin carving, you can zone out while you work on it. It's relaxing, passes the time, and when you're done you have a piece of art you can be proud of. I've never tried it myself, but som...

Re: Circus theme Halloween for 2022

 by Zombie Pumpkins! ¦  Mon Sep 12, 2022 4:23 pm ¦  Forum: Decorating & Prop Building ¦  Topic: Circus theme Halloween for 2022 ¦  Replies: 3 ¦  Views: 410

I love a good theme for a Halloween party and costumes. And the creepy circus is a fun idea that you haven't done yet. As usual, you can reuse a lot of general decorations, the giant clown mouth, balloons and tents will instantly set the right scene. For some reason, the image of vintage Halloween c...

Re: NEW Bride of Frankenstein (done)

 by Zombie Pumpkins! ¦  Mon Sep 12, 2022 4:04 pm ¦  Forum: ZP Pattern Discussion ¦  Topic: NEW Bride of Frankenstein (done) ¦  Replies: 5 ¦  Views: 261

Now I must make a Frankstein monster side profile, so they can be placed side by side, be facing each other.

Re: Knife blade?

 by Zombie Pumpkins! ¦  Mon Sep 12, 2022 3:57 pm ¦  Forum: Foam Pumpkin Carving Help ¦  Topic: Knife blade? ¦  Replies: 9 ¦  Views: 552

What heat setting do you use? With my Walnut Hollow Creative Versa Tool, I usually turn the heat all the way up to max. I just assume hotter means easier cutting right? And indeed, it melts the foam and cuts like butter. But I would just advise that you keep the blade moving. At high heat, it's mor...

Re: ZP Pumpkin Pattern Dimensions

 by Zombie Pumpkins! ¦  Mon Sep 05, 2022 10:15 pm ¦  Forum: ZP Pattern Discussion ¦  Topic: ZP Pumpkin Pattern Dimensions ¦  Replies: 1 ¦  Views: 142

The pumpkin patterns files are intended to print on a standard letter sized sheet of paper, 8.5 x 11 inches. The actual design (that you'll cut out of the pumpkin) varies, depending on the character/image. But generally, they're about 8 - 8.5 inches in their longest direction. This size seems to wor...

Guess the 2022 Site Title! (contest)

 by Zombie Pumpkins! ¦  Thu Sep 01, 2022 2:46 am ¦  Forum: ZP Site Discussion ¦  Topic: Guess the 2022 Site Title! (contest) ¦  Replies: 19 ¦  Views: 792 Time has a way of changing things, and after 20 years, a whole new era for Zombie Pumpkins is almost upon us. But before the website transforms and the product line expands, let’s see if you can guess this year’s ti...

Re: Knife blade?

 by Zombie Pumpkins! ¦  Thu Sep 01, 2022 1:42 am ¦  Forum: Foam Pumpkin Carving Help ¦  Topic: Knife blade? ¦  Replies: 9 ¦  Views: 552

Portercat, that makes too much sense. :grin: Grinding the back edge so you don’t have to sharpen a new cutting edge. Now I feel dumb for not thinking of that myself!

Re: Knife blade?

 by Zombie Pumpkins! ¦  Wed Aug 31, 2022 3:04 am ¦  Forum: Foam Pumpkin Carving Help ¦  Topic: Knife blade? ¦  Replies: 9 ¦  Views: 552

We talked about this on Facebook, but for the sake of public education... The tool I use to cut most foam pumpkins is the Walnut Hollow Creative Versa Tool (available in craft stores and on Amazon). It's technically a wood burning tool, but it has interchangeable tips. I'm using the tip that's like ...

Re: DIY Scarecrow: Patch Master

 by Zombie Pumpkins! ¦  Wed Aug 31, 2022 3:02 am ¦  Forum: Decorating & Prop Building ¦  Topic: DIY Scarecrow: Patch Master ¦  Replies: 7 ¦  Views: 4326

One of the reasons I wanted to try to make a real scarecrow was because I wanted to place it in my back yard, in my pumpkin garden. But sadly, we had a very hot summer with almost no rain. My pumpkin patch got fried in the sun, and the drought resulted in no pumpkins. So I didn't bother making a sca...

NEW Bride of Frankenstein (done)

 by Zombie Pumpkins! ¦  Tue Aug 30, 2022 2:57 am ¦  Forum: ZP Pattern Discussion ¦  Topic: NEW Bride of Frankenstein (done) ¦  Replies: 5 ¦  Views: 261

Happy National Frankenstein Day, celebrating the birthday of author Mary Shelley, born August 30, 1797. Her novel "Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus" was published in 1818, and led to iconic film adaptations like "Frankenstein" in 1931 and "Bride of Frankenstein" in 1935. Tonight would be a go...

Re: Ichabod Crane from Disney's Ichabod and Mr Toad

 by Zombie Pumpkins! ¦  Tue Aug 30, 2022 2:51 am ¦  Forum: ZP Pattern Discussion ¦  Topic: Ichabod Crane from Disney's Ichabod and Mr Toad ¦  Replies: 1 ¦  Views: 188

Couldn't agree more. :lol: I'll definitely consider it!

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