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I went under the needle about a month ago and had a seven and a half hour session on my shin. From just above my ankle to just below my knee. It was... unpleasant at times, but I'm delighted to have another of my favourite superheroes on me forever! Daredevil! The Man Without Fear:


That right leg of mine is going to be all comic stuff eventually. I have The Goon on my calf and Daredevil on my shin, so that's my entire lower leg covered. Next up is either going to be Green Lantern or The Punisher! :D
zombombie wrote:I dig it purple1worm! I love owls and owl tattoos! It looks great! Nice placement too :D
Thanks I love owls too! Very happy with it. The artist did an Awesome job. My 1st in 20 years and it took 4 hours.
I am not one to get a tattoo but I do appreciate a cool looking tattoo on someone else! These are some amazing tattoos! Even if I was into getting tattoos I don't think I could ever find someone I trust enough to put something permanent on my body. :lol: What if they messed up?! :shock: But I am curious what the thought process is when deciding what you would like on your body forever. Forever is a long time so I am guessing it isn't just anything that comes up on the spot. Any one mind telling me their thoughts?
Some of my tattoos have more meaning than others Zion, but as a collector it's all about what I love and carrying it with me. I love comics and horror and Halloween so I have parts of those things on me forever. Family is important to me so I have some of that on me.

Going forward, I'll be staying with these themes mostly. My right leg is dedicated to my favourite comic characters for example. I think I'll be getting Green Lantern there next :thumbsup:
Zombie Pumpkins! wrote:Fun tattoo! I love it, right off the bat.

Hey, SuperSonic has been asking for a bat pattern. I bet that's what he meant! :)=
Having just stumbled upon this thread, I now cannot see the image :P

All these tats look amazing though! I'm looking into getting one or two next year.
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By Raven
I've decided to get a Halloween themed tattoo...and I've decided it's going to be one of the ZP! Mascots. However, I'm not sure which one, or well, not entirely sure. Is there someplace I can see all of the previous mascots? I'm currently out of state at my mom's house and on an antique laptop that hardly loads the site or I would search around myself and see if I could find them. Any help would be much appreciated!