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Yes, we have moved. I am going to miss my lovely fence. We are now out in the country, and my trick-or-treaters are going to be few and far between. However, the place is so gorgeous I can hardly be sad. I still plan to spook it up, I just hope I don't frighten the poor Amish folks who ride by in their buggies. I have always wanted to be an abomination! :lol: It is definitely going to be a huge change, since I have lived in town for 15 years. We bought 5 acres out in the farm country. We have a pond and two large barns, and lots of room to grow pumpkins! :twisted:

Here is a quick snapshot of the front porch:
Wow, looking great! And the way you describe it you could make this into a real Halloween paradise!
But when it comes to the buggie riding amish people, maybe don't go overboard to start with, at least if you don't want them to run screaming past your house :lol:
But it really is a beautiful home!
PS: I really like the 3 pumpkins in the pic. :thumbsup:
I love living in the country, but I don't get any ToT'ers here...ever. Nor can you even see our house from the main road. It's sad, but I still love where I live.

Nice house and how fun it will be to decorate for the first time for all the holidays!
chuckwagon wrote:Lovely looking home Amanda! I didn't realize you were in southern IL... I work in the Joliet area twice a year for NASCAR. If you're anywhere near there, lets meet up for a mini gathering of Minions!!
I'm down in the woods almost in KY! Like 5 hours from Joliet. :lol:
amandap80 wrote:I'm down in the woods almost in KY! Like 5 hours from Joliet. :lol:
Oh my gawd...yeah, I don't know if I'm up for driving that far, LOL... When I'm in Joliet, I typically stay in the immediate area. Someone convinced me to go to Gary, Indiana once while I was in Joliet because "hey, it'll be fun"... My only knowledge of Gary at the time was the movie "The Music Man", so I was like "oh yeah, cool, shaboopy shaboopy" (movie reference)... Never again! NEVER again. :arrowhead: