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By amandap80
Good luck, that is a hard thing to struggle with. I have some close friends going through this as well. Hugs to you.
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By Pumpkinfreak
Good luck!
And remember that everyone here has always got your back, whenever you need us,
we're here for you girl, keep hope, even though it might sometimes seem in vain, keep the faith
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By Zion's Warrior
Wow, that must be tough. I'm sorry to hear that. :cry: But hey, I am a firm believer in, everything turns out the way it needs to be as long as we keep doing what we need to. :D And you are already doing Halloween right so you are starting out great! :lol: You're in my prayers! Best of luck to you! :thumbsup:
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By Lala
Thank you everyone! I've gone back several times re-reading this thread when I was feeling down. It really helps.

Article is "supposed" to be out tomorrow, but I will be out of town. Hopefully if it's just online I can find a link and post it.

BTW We need a emoticon that is a Pumpkin Heart :love:
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By Zion's Warrior
Lala wrote: BTW We need a emoticon that is a Pumpkin Heart    :love:
An "In love" emoticon! Excellent idea! Maybe one that is like the smile one but with hearts floating around it or like the shocked one but his eyes turn into hearts! Well... that wasn't the most masculine thing I have said today... Maybe I should just shut my mouth and carve Rainbow Dash...  :lol:
Good luck.

While the chance of having pregnancy complications goes up after 40, it's still possible, so keep up hope!

My wife and I had our first child at 42 and we recently had a second at 45...without any special treatments or fertility drugs...just prenatal vitamins.
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By Lala
Lala wrote:
BTW We need a emoticon that is a Pumpkin Heart   :love:
Sneaky Ryan is Sneaky  :love:  :love:  :love: Best Emoticon EVER
Hang in there and best of luck to you both. Our best friends went through several rounds of invetro and have twin 1 year olds (she's 46, he's 41). Hope this happens for you guys!
Good luck & as someone who knows, please know, youre not alone

I wrote something longer and more heartfelt, and, as i wrote, i realized how emotional i was getting. It was therapeutic to write it, but, I dont think everyone needs to see it.
A little update - I had surgery in April - it was exploratory - they found a giant tumor (and it was black and gross with spider legs!) on my ovary and removed it - it didn't show up on any ultrasounds or anything! I felt amazing after, but unfortunately I go back in this week for another surgery on my uterus, a growth :-(

BUT we are probably going to use a surrogate! We are keeping it on the down low for now, but as soon as it takes place I will be sure to post :-)