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i was in a bad car accident at the begining of the month dislocated shoulder other elbow broken bad spine and neck damage and totaled car. still this year my girls mom apparently was having a pumpkin carving contest for work an anual thing she has never entered because of not knowing how to carve. so my girlfriend and i packed up my tools got picked up and waddled out to the patch something they had never done. they both picked out a pumpkin and back to her moms to start the learning process. i gave them my drill and gutter (something that made my girlfriend light up like her own little jack o lantern) showed them how to attach the pattern flat poke holes flour it (im old fashioned its how my grandpa taught me) and than how to hold the pro carvers i have (i have two one for the big blade one ofr the little) after a bit of supervision and gentle proding the end resault is a victory for my family and a shiny new jacket for my girls mom. :D

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