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By Chewy
So, this year has been a b*tch for me and, im likely not going to have much of a halloween celebration this year, which bums me out. But, im trying to keep my chin up and am looking forward to better times.

In late 2016 I got a new hip after a four year plus battle with severe athritis. I was so happy to have gotten through that. Part of the issue there was my weight - which, was always way too much, but, when i was in chronic pain, couldnt really walk or sleep and was pretty distressed about it, ballooned to nearly 400 pounds. I battled it down enough to get the hip with the help of a specialist here & then went into the bariatric program. While in that program my weight actually increased - i was on a keto-like diet and they wanted to see me eating a more well rounded diet, and adding carbs back into my diet put weight back on me. boo.

What i looked like late october last year & at that point, I weighed about 360.


In beginning of January, had gastric sleeve surgery. Exciting and terrifying.

Middle of February, lost my mom after a long fight with dementia. This was a very hard thing for my family losing her the second time (those of you who have had to experience the hell of alzheimers and/or dementia with a loved one know why im saying it this way).

Beginning of March, new job. Throw in two car accidents in the snow for fun.

And, end of July, 20 years of marriage to my high school sweetheart came unglued.

Still standing, but, yeah, pretty beat down these days.

This is what i look like now...


And for good measure. Pretty much all my clothing went bye... this is why... went from 4x to L/xl and pants, 48 to 34/36 now... and, 396 at my peak down to 214 today....

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By Raven
Most of that sucks, but hey, you look great! Congratulations on the weight loss!

Halloween is the perfect time to start a new chapter in life instead of waiting for the New Year. So here's to a much better 2018!
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Wow, you have had a rough year for sure. The weight loss is amazing and a huge positive! Nobody ever said Halloween had to be a huge celebration to enjoy it. I hope things turn around for you, and soon.
By Ajax
Congrats, on the weight loss and try not to worry about the other stuff when things are at there lowest the only way to go is up. :thumbsup:
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By staticfurball
Wow, sorry to hear you had such a rough year. That's a lot to go through in such a short time. Glad to hear you are healthier and ya know change is hard but it can be a great thing. Doors open that way. Halloween is indeed a good time to cheer up and enjoy your self. Cheers :jack_o_lantern:
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By amandap80
Man, Chewy. That is a heck of a crappy year. But, at least you look fantastic! Hang in there - I hope Halloween and a few pumpkin carvings give you something to look forward to. :jack_o_lantern:
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By purple1worm
I'm sorry to hear all the hardships you've faced over the last year. My condolences on losing your mum. Hope things get better. Keep your chin up. Sometimes a low key Halloween is a good thing. You might still enjoy a few carves, help cheer you up. :jack_o_lantern:
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By paddy_babe
wow, looking good Chewy! Congratulations on your weight loss.

I'm so sorry to read whats been happening, sending you ghost hugs *hugs* keep your chin up and I hope things getting better and more positive for you very soon :orange_heart: