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By Dredge
Hey guys! I haven't been around much this year, but I at least had to pop in so yall wouldn't think I forgot a out you! I'll be here through the rest of the season. I hope everyone is doing well!

Here are some pics I took with an abandoned mausoleum in MO!
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By Raven
:surprised: :surprised: :surprised: :surprised:

THAT IS AMAZING! So jealous! I want to go there!

I did get to go to a crypt in Venice, Italy this year. I was the only one underneath a church with no electricity, just a small candle and the flash from my phone as I took pictures. Never been so excited and scared at the same time! :ghost:
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By amandap80
Hey there- good to see you again! That place looks awesome - totally could film an episode of Supernatural there. :skull:
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By Mayor of Haddonfield
That is so cool, and I’m very jealous.

It’s going to be a great season!
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By purple1worm
Cool pics!! Sure looks like a spooky place. So if it's an abandoned mausoleum, are there are still bodies in it? :thinking:
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By staticfurball
Oh wow that's pretty cool. Nice pics. Wonder what the back story is on that..why it was abandoned etc.
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