Hey, what's new with you? Tell us about yourself.
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By Raven
Wait a second... what do we know about this girl? I mean, there are very important questions to be asked here. What is her favorite holiday? Does she like stabbing large orange fruit with sharp objects? What is her favorite film and book genre? Candy Corn, yes or hell no? Does she drink blood and have a severe allergy to the sun? :fangs:

Congratulations! Remember, the couple that carves together, stays together!
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
Congrats, Ajax! A short while back, you casually dropped mention of a wedding, but didn't make a big deal of it. I remember thinking, "He's getting married? He should be shouting it from the castle rooftops." But perhaps you're a lowkey guy, just happy to be in love, and feeling secure with your great family. You're doing well for yourself, very happy for ya!

But seriously, what about Raven's questions? These are important! :razz:
By Ajax
We'll we have 2 kids together and have been engaged for years so I know her pretty well. We just had a private wedding at the courthouse some pictures etc. Had a family gathering at her cousins cottage 40 people.

We started this whole carving thing together. We would get my nieces and nephews together just kids at the time now University, High School. We would grab the pumpkin masters books and just carve 1 each with everyone.

We would do a seperate grouping with her parents. Her mom said one of the patterns looked like Freddy Kreuger. I searched the web for an actual freddy pattern and found this site.

She has mostly given up the saw but we do enjoy horror movies, fiction, attractions together. We watch the Walking Dead every sunday and always go see the latest Conjuring
etc at the theatre.

The first year we bought our house I carved so many pumpkins I got carpol tunnel or tendonitis and had surgery. I have since changed my process and space things out alot. We have done 15-25 every year since mostly me :wink: .
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By sloaner
Congrats, you guys look like a nice couple.

You seem spoiled this year with 3 wedding themed patterns lol
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By staticfurball
Congratulations dude! Cheers.