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By chuckwagon
2020 sucks.... Period.... But we already know that, so what else is new?

Well, one GREAT thing i did this year was totally rage quit Facebook in the wake of a few people (most notably family members) continuously posting politically charged nonsense, and using the social media platform as a proverbial soapbox. Welp, Chuckwagon don't play that, soooo I gave it up, and walked away cold turkey. I'm on Instagram now, but my interaction there is not as constant, which is good! I know a couple of you that were friends with me on FB have since connected with my there, and I enjoy staying in touch with you.

Work is the usual stuff. travel, and hotel life. I'm actually beginning to think a change of scenery in that department might be good too. Not that I hate my job, but sometimes things get... i don't know... stale? Suffice it to say, I don't LOVE my job anymore. I only tolerate it for the sake of the paycheck. Surely most of us can relate, no?

I've developed up a great affinity for crafting, and making things in my shed. Woodcrafting, mostly, but I found this really cool idea for making a tin man from The Wizard of Oz out of used soup cans, so I'm currently working on that as a Christmas gift for my sister because it's her favorite movie. I've found that using my hands to stay busy, and create unique things is very fullfilling. Plus, the joy and happiness it brings others is really satisfying.

On Saturdays, I usually sell duck eggs and the crafts I make at the local farmers market in my tiny little town. Yes, we have 5 Cayuga ducks, and we have more eggs than we know what to do with. I mean, unless I wanted to make the biggest omelet in my county... It's not a huge money maker, but it allows me to meet people, and stay active in the community.