Provide your feedback on the main site (besides the patterns).
Seeing as someone took Rise already (which for me is a perrenial guess), and seeing as how the launch cannot be far away!




For once hoping I'm right this year!
Nightwatchman wrote:
Wed Sep 14, 2022 10:21 am
My second guess is "Evolution of the Zombie Pumpkins".
Congrats, Nightwatchman! You guessed "EVOLUTION." What gave it away?

I'll be in touch so you can claim your prize - either a Monster VIP membership or your choice of any item from the shop. You may want to wait a day or two, so you can see what all the new shop options are.
Nightwatchman wrote:
Mon Oct 17, 2022 9:35 am
Darwin's Theory of Evolution where he states that evolution occurs through natural selection.

"the first person to have guessed it in the comments will naturally be selected as the winner."
That's brilliant Nightwatchman! Congratulations.
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