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Every pumpkin has to start somewhere. What started as a seed of an idea 20 years ago, has grown into something much bigger. It's time to witness the Evolution of the Zombie Pumpkins!


Thanks for your patience everyone. This was a big project, with the first full website design in several years. Not to mention new product categories with all new manufacturers. The flood gates are open now!

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Awesome! Perhaps the coolest mascot yet. As a 90s kid, the color palette and styling is giving me the feels of comic/skate art and gross-out toys of old like Mad Balls and Creepy Crawlers, with those neon purples and slimy greens that make me think of Goosebumps covers. A little bit of TMNT influence in the logotype. I also love the redesigned pattern gallery. The themed category icons are great and the larger thumbnails look real nice! I'm wondering if Ryan is perfectionist enough to export a new thumbnail for every legacy pattern in the new resolution. I have the feeling he is!
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