Provide your feedback on the main site (besides the patterns).
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By pagemaster1993
Thanks Dadja, but I would prefer to hand out the fliers Ryan would design. I hope they do come out eventually if not in the Halloween season but soon I would hope.
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By CorpseBride
Thanks Dadja! I have the perfect place to put these :D
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
Hey cool Dadja, thanks for picking up my slack on the fliers. Although, I just knocked out a few files. Better late than never, right?

Just in time for your weekend carving party or to hand out to trick-or-treaters.


Spirit of the ZP fliers

Oh, and remember the carving award ribbons? Thought maybe some of you might like to have those back too:

Pumpkin Carving Award Ribbons
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By ghostface
YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! These are going to be all over my town!!!!!!!! :D :D