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By Mayor of Haddonfield
I. Can’t. Wait!!

I’m so hopeful that they did this right and it’s actually well done. The trailers look fantastic so I’m really looking forward to seeing it!
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By staticfurball
Really looking forward to this. Gonna rewatch all the originals to bide my time!
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By Ash
I'm super pumped for this.

I saw a documentary on how John Carpenter created the first one with a shoe string budget for only $325,000.
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By Beast75
Yes I am buzzing for this. It’s a shame when most horror films now are poor and they have to get the Icons out to make solid films. I have big hopes for this movie.
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By S.A.M
Totally going to see this on the opening night, would love to go on Halloween night but I'm kinda busy :lol:

I don't know about elsewhere but in the UK they're also screening the original movie (Oct 10th & 31st) as a part of the 40th Anniversary, there's gonna be an introduction by John Carpenter and a Q&A session of sorts. :jack_o_lantern:
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I saw the movie on Friday night as well as last night. It was awesome!!! I was really worried going into it that I would be disappointed, but it turned out great. Jamie Lee Curtis was fantastic and I loved the music from John Carpenter! It instantly goes up to number 2 on my list of favorite Halloween movies!
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