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By OhTheHorror36
I'm only two episodes in, but I figured I would start a thread for the series. Very impressed so far, but honestly thought it would have something more to do with Shirley Jackson's novel so when I started watching it (I could've looked at previews online to prevent any expectations, but I saw or read nothing until the day it came out), I was a little disappointed but when you watch it for what it is it's actually pretty gripping, intense, and effective.

So if anyone wants to chat about the show feel free. :)
I love it so far episode 8 is where I'm at right now. Deffinetly binge worthy. Im also watching the Netflix serries The Exorcist and that pretty good as well!
Oh wow I didn't even know they had a series based off of that. Worth looking into for sure!

The whole idea for Hill House was pretty gripping. I enjoyed it thoroughly. The story telling was very strong. I appreciated the way they went about telling everyone's stories but I honestly think that Carla Gugino is way too cute for the husband. Haha. That and did they use contacts for his blue eyes?

I enjoyed seeing Timothy Hutton back on screen again. I don't know why but I like him a lot.