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By vibhandaka
This show premiered on FX tonight. The premise is a family moves into a new house and bizarre things occur. It was VERY weird!!! Did anyone else watch it?
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By Hottie McNaughty
I watched it and am hooked. There was some hokey writing and I'm not sure the story makes sense. BUT, it was interesting (and weird!) enough that I'm willing to watch more and see how it goes.
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By Kayo
im planning on watching it once it gets pirated online as i dont get FX. i love glee and nip tuck, same brains so it might be good right :?
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By vibhandaka
Hottie McNaughty wrote: it was interesting (and weird!) enough that I'm willing to watch more and see how it goes.
Same here! Hopefully it will make more sense in time! I can't believe that neighbor and the daughter keep showing up in that house!
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By keifferone
Very wierd but I can't wait till next week to see if I am right.
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By nosferatu
Thought this was about Sarah Palin...........nevermind.

That might actually get repeated over here. Sounds interesting. I will keep an eye out for it. The left one.
By CanadianCarver
I finally watched the first episode and I have high hopes for this show. The first episode was quite good, and as others have said, very weird!
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By Raven
I just watched this since I was still out of town when it premiered. I made hubby download it for me. I agree that it was weird, but I can't wait to see more! I already want to live in the hosue.. :)
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By sloaner
I don't get FX but saw some clips of it when I was on my honeymoon last week. It looked ok.
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By CombichristGirl
gonna watch the first episode in a little bit. will have to report in :)
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By CombichristGirl
so i watched it! weird but im interested enough to see where this goes :)
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By Raven
Anyone still watching this? It's still weird, but really getting good!
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By The Captain
I thought the second one was better than the first, but I can't see it lasting as a show. Unless the house is the star and the tenants change
By DoomCookie
I love this show! It is getting so good! Did anyone watch the new one last night? I have so many un answered questions!
By Tricksy Faery
I'm enjoying this show. My husband and I are always trying to figure out who the ghost are? Last nights ep left us with so many questions. :?