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By Raven
I'm loving this more and more.. What is with Tate? Is he a ghost or not.. I can't figure him out yet. Not that that is the only thing I can't figure out...
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By NikkiRae
I've really enjoyed this show so far, but I'm so far behind. I'm never home Wednesday nights so they're piling up on my DVR. I think I'm only on the second or third episode and my cousin and I are already completely confused. We're dying to know exactly what that thing in the basement is. And what is going on with Tate! And the neighbors? Weird....
By Ajax
Reminds me of a creepier version of Lost I'm really enjoying it so far. Everyone watch the Halloween episode with all the pumpkin carving or should I say crafting. Classic Halloween 2 part episode was the best yet. The intro music and intro is terrifying. It's totally up my alley.
By DoomCookie
I am so excited for this season! It looks so creepy and I already have questions with all the teaser clips they have been posting. (What is with the bucket of pigs feet!?) Has anyone else joined the contest where you can get "committed to the Asylum to be evaluated"? I did but I honestly don't know if it is something I would like to win. :lol:
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By Raven
GhostUpontheFloor wrote:I would love a Constance pattern- something nice with her and her pearls. ;-) Enjoying the new season so far, but not as much as last year's (yet.) I miss Constance.
I have to agree, so far last year was so much better, although there is certainly a lot of WTF! already. I'm going to continue watching though!
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By vibhandaka
i loved Asylum last year!!! Does anyone know when Coven starts? I haven't heard very much about this season's story so far...
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By Raven
So far this season American Horror Story: Coven, is fantastic! Witches and Voodoo with Kathy Bates playing Madame LaLaurie. Amazing!

For those who have not watched, you don't have to watch the first season to know what's going on in the other seasons. Each season is a completely new story line and characters, although some cast members are the same they play completely different people.