Anthems or ambiance, these are the tones that rattle your bones.
I prefer a slight reworking of the Cinderella story. There's a little boy, let's call him Ryan, who has two mean, older twin step brothers and is bullied by them and their gang. It's their birthday party on Halloween but Ryan isn't invited instead he is forced into the creepy, cob webby attic where his brothers order him to sit and carve pumpkins for their party. He's a great carver and comes up with some monstrous designs as well as traditional carves such as Dracula and Frankenstein's Monster. Once he has finished, he plugs the lights in to test his designs but at that exact moment a bolt of lightning hits the house and they all become real. That's where the story really starts.

It ends with Ryan reassembling the twins after FM has a bit too much pumpkin punch. Sadly, he is no good with a needle and they end up conjoined.

That's gotta be worth a pint AND a packet of Nobby's Nuts.
There's an interview with Danny Elfman here about the concert on Monday, among other things: ... on-singing

Did I mention I'm going?! Super excited :D
That was amazing!! I'll update you all as soon as I can with more details but I thought I'd just come on and quickly say that it really was superb. Danny Elfman came on towards the end to do Jack's songs from Nightmare and Helena Bonham Carter came on to do Sally!! Then who came on at the end to say thanks? Only Tim Burton! It was a pretty special night :D
I'm home! I can finally write about the night!

The Royal Albert Hall


I picked up a programme as soon as we went in!


Our seats


They seem like they were far away but they gave us an excellent view! That screen behind the orchestra seats was used to show clips of the movies and original Tim Burton drawings of characters and scenes from the movies.

The orchestra opened with an original Danny Elfman piece to a medley of scenes from Burton movies. It was such a great start :D

The running order was:

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Pee Wee's Big Adventure
Sleepy Hollow
Mars Attacks!
Big Fish
Batman/Batman Returns


Planet of the Apes
Tim Burton's Corpse Bride
Dark Shadows
Edward Scissorhands
Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas
~ Danny Elfman came out to sing live at this point singing 'Jack's Lament', 'What's This?', 'Jack's Obsession' and 'Poor Jack'. Helena Bonham Carter came out to sing as Sally, the song where Sally is worried about Jack. Elfman, Carter and the conductor then left the stage, with the conductor returning to do:
Alice in Wonderland

Danny Elfman then returned to sing 'Oogie Boogie's Song' with the conductor singing as Sandy Claws while conducting the orchestra! Elfman REVELLED in being Oogie, running and dancing around the stage like a demon! So much fun :D

After that, Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter came out to the stage to say thanks to the audience and Danny Elfman himself. It was amazing to see them all live :D

All in all it was an absolutely phenomenal night, but I felt bad that my fellow minions (and a certain Patch Master) couldn’t be there to enjoy the night!!
Looks like you had a great time. I am so jealous. No returns for sale. I was hoping it would be broadcast on BBC TV at some stage, maybe Xmas?, but can't find any details.

I would imagine they will issue a recording for sale though. Great experience for you and what a set.