Anthems or ambiance, these are the tones that rattle your bones.
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By pagemaster1993
I've seen things for this band for the last few days on YouTube. Well today I listened to the two songs that they have on their YouTube Vevo channel, and they sound awesome. They have this gothic horror thing going on.

Will You Meet Me In The Graveyard?

The Gruesome Gory Horror Show ... F8549E87E1

Tried to get the actual video screen, but that didn't seem to want to work.

So did anyone hear of this band before, or what do you think?
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By chuckwagon
Their stage makeup reminds me of The Misfits!! I'm more of a metal head purist and old school punk fan, so this isn't my cup of tea, but I totally appreciate the ideas for stage presence they got from Glen Danzig, and theatrics that are very horror-ific like Alice Cooper or Manson or Zombie.
I was looking at their Facebook photo's and one of them says that ex vocalist from the Misfits Michale Graves is a guest on it. They're also considered by Wikipedia (yes I know how untrustworthy it is) to be Post-hardcore, horror punk, pop punk, and metal core.
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By chuckwagon
Michael Graves, huh? That's really interesting! I was really following him during the West Memphis Three's ordeal. He was a huge supporter, and I kinda had a soft spot for him, although when it comes to The Misfits, I always felt very loyal to Danzig when they split up originally. Kinda like people chose sides during the Van Halen/ Roth split up... I think I might have let everyone know how old I am with that comment, LoL.