Anthems or ambiance, these are the tones that rattle your bones.
Hi all! Hope you don't consider this spam, I do plan to stay on this forum, hope this might interest some of you guys :D

I've started a new record label, releasing only horror-themed music, regardless of musical style.

The first releases are from Canadian horror-EDM producer Ghoulshow and my own horror-themed drum & bass/drumstep. Later in the year we have a release coming out by Werewolves In Siberia who makes brilliant John Carpenter/Goblin-influenced synth-soundtrack-typemusic.


You can hear previews of all the tracks on soundcloud or youtube (accompanied by some of my favourite public domain horror trailers)

Out today, 15 vampire/bat themed tracks for £2.50 and all profits go to Bat World Sanctuary!


1. Manix - Good Guano
2. Murkbox - Kyuuketsuki
3. Werewolves in Siberia - The House of Nosferatu
4. Ghoulshow - Echolocation
5. Optiks - Count Orlok
6. Fogcreature - Wings of Flesh
7. Connor Gandy - The Vampire Bat
8. Tommy Creep - Flying Beside Her
9. Défago - Night of the Vampire
10. Uxoricide - Bats of the Abyss
11. Hannibal Bateman - The Wings of Transylvania
12. Spi - Devil Bat
13. Fangris - Graveyard Shift
14. Sam Haynes - Dance of the Vampires
15. Darknesss - Hell's Organist
Also available from iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and more. ... e-the-bats" onclick=";return false;
We released 2 halloween-themed compilations today, hopefully some of you might be interested :) You can download them for free from

GYC006 Various Artists - A Haunted Journey

Take the tour of terror! Visit 14 spine-chilling locations; from the bone-lined walls of the catacombs, through the depths of the swamp and beyond!

14 spooky, ambient tracks, the perfect soundtrack for the haunt!

GYC007 Various Artists - Pumpkin Guts

18 tracks of monster-bass, bone-chilling beats and frightening frequencies!

Got some new cassettes out, this time a couple of John Carpenter/80s synth soundtrack inspired releases! Also 10% off until Sunday night with the code: spooky10

“Influenced by the minimalist tones of John Carpenter’s early soundtracks and the nightmarish multi-layered compositions of Goblin, Werewolves’ first album, The Rising, paints an audioscape that dares the listener to mentally design creepy narratives of his/her own. This is the music that you will write your film to.”
-Gabriele Zuccarini,

"From the opening track Welcome to horror-mood! Défago grab hold of the listener and refuse to let that grip go; a pulsing yet simple bassline that feels perfectly at home in Escape From New York welcomes the listener before an haunting vocal encased within the beat subtlety captures the imagination starting proceedings nicely."
-Mark Pidgeon,

Just released a new free download compilation, perfect music for carving pumpkins to!

110 minutes of monster music from 31 fiendish artists!

Includes tracks from upcoming releases by Zombina and the Skeletones, Army of Walking Corpses,Werewolves in Siberia, Défago, Sawtooth and Sam Haynes!

Whether rolling in your hearse or entertaining guests in your Transylvanian castle, Fresh From The Morgue brings you spine-chilling tunes for every occasion! Horrorpunk, horrorbilly, horrorsynth, horrorcore and more! ... the-morgue