Anthems or ambiance, these are the tones that rattle your bones.
I found this old sound effects disk while rummaging through some other stuff to find an xacto knife for my costume. I always loose/find this disc and when it re-surfaces it sounds just as great from when I forgot about it. It's from an old Horror TV company by the name of Scream. It was a Canadian company for all things Halloween.

It all starts with a track by the name of Evil Way...Evil. Probably the best one on here. It's a combination of various sounds and effects to deliver exactly what you think it sounds like. Creepy. 5/5

We then go into a track by the name of Bio Chemical Meltdown 3. Why the 3 is there I have no idea, but this track takes place in a plant, which has to shut down due to some chemical issues (think of Chernobyl). Not as strong a track, but delivers. 3/5

Next up is a track about Pirates! This is aimed at you mesmark! It goes by the name of Pirate Souls. It takes place on an abandoned ghost ship where Pirates still rule the seas. Great ambiance. 4/5

After that we roll into Witch Cat is Which. The idea behind this track is a Witch is attempting to find her cat. You can find out what happens to her as you listen through the track. 4/5

Now we have Dragons Lair. A semi-strong track with creepy cave ambiance and various other growling sounds if memory serves. 4/5

Then we waltz into Sam's Crazy Carnival. This is about a haunted amusement park with a clown by the name of Sam throwing in some clever remarks. A common theme in this track is roller coasters barreling down a broken track (or at least it sounds broken). 3/5

Call Me A Doctor! Thats the name of this next track as it were. As we Rise into the next year of ZP, this is all about a Mad Scientist and his workings in the lab! 5/5

And lastly, another track like this first one. A Midsummers Night Nightmare. Another creepy track with great background noises and screams. 5/5

Without giving to much away, so you can all hear it for yourselves, you can download Scream - Thrillers, Suspense, Horror: The Ultimate Halloween Experience here This is from my new mediafire page (don't worry, this is a download rigorously checked. No viruses :))