Anthems or ambiance, these are the tones that rattle your bones.
Anyone on the other side of the pond ever have the pleasure of seeing Jeff Wayne's "War of the Worlds" performed live? Apparently the tour in 2014 will be the last. (at least for now, in this incarnation). And I'm sad they don't bring it over here to the states.

"The Final Arena Tour: Following a triumphant UK and European arena tour in 2012, Live Nation and SJM Concerts, are delighted to announce that one of the most ground-breaking tours of all time, Jeff Wayne's Musical Version of The War of The Worlds is to return for the sixth and final time in 2014."

I have the original album, as well as the "New Generation" version with redone songs and Liam Neeson replacing Richard Burton as the narrator. All great stuff.

Saw it last year in Glasgow - it was AWESOME :D :D :D I got a text from O2 priority saying tickets go on sale tomorrow morning. Think I might need to go and see it again :D :D :D
Ryan you are welcome to join us :D
I'd rather take my chances with the actual aliens than pay to listen Brian McFadden and Jason Donovan. Whilst I really like JD as a person, he isn't the greatest singer in the world. Why is Liam Neeson dressed as a hobbit?

I too have the original recording and whilst Liam Neeson is a great addition it's not enough to tempt me......yet. I'll probably play the album and watch the DVD advertised and change my mind. Bryan McFadden! Is nothing sacred anymore!
Hehe. I know nothing about the people you mentioned by name, Nos. Never heard of most these people, (aside from Neeson, of course). But I do enjoy the songs, so I wish I had a chance to see it live before they retire the tour.

I considered getting the bluray of the concert at least, but it's only available in Region B. I don't think that would play on my American bluray player. Anyone know if it would play on a PS3 or PS4 bought in the states?