Anthems or ambiance, these are the tones that rattle your bones.
I meant to post something sooner, but have not been at the computer much lately... I am and always will be a big metal head. I liked GWAR. I liked Dave Brockie. Out of makeup, he was a very intelligent human being. Very well informed on political topics, current events, and very well versed on world history. GWAR was Brockies way of using humor and music (albeit crude) to be an outspoken activist in the constant fight for justice, equality, and showing that individualism was okay. He wanted to be a voice to those who could not be heard. Very much a "power to the people" kind of person, he was always in support of any one peoples fight for revolution, or taking a stand for obvious injustice and intolerance. You may not have liked GWAR's music. Usually fast paced and loud, punky and metal, but despite the negativity that popular music media sprinkled all over GWAR, it never stopped the desire to keep marching, and keep shouting out loud for the people. GWAR will no doubt go down in history as one of the greatest, if not THE greatest shock rock groups to ever exist. So, I'll raise my fist in remembrance of the one, Oderus Urungus! May your galactic battle sword be ever sharp, and may your spaceships voyage home be smooth and without rough encounters with asteroid fields! Farewell ultimate Scumdog!!

I wanted to post a video, but quite honestly GWAR is pretty, umm...well.... raunchy, BUT i found this gem that seemed like a good laugh at an otherwise sad time, and I think Dave would have rather it been that way. It's actually quite Ironic because it's GWAR going trick or treating. It's a fairly PG video for GWAR... no swearing, except for once, but it's bleeped, so no one should be offended i hope :)
I'm a little late to this party (I'm new here). I was fortunate enough to see Gwar a few years ago in Toronto--definitely one of my fondest concert memories... minus all the blood! Interesting guys, really innovative, unparalleled live show theatrics... such a loss to the genre.

The trick or treating video is amazing!
Very very late posting here. I loved Gwar and had been a fan since Scumdogs of the universe. It was a very sad day when Dave Brockie passed. His humour was just genius, whether you liked the music or not the interviews from various TV shows are well worth finding on youtube. I always though Oderous would of made a great pattern.
Zee wrote:Vulvatron. Thoughts?
I gotta admit... When I first heard the news, I was raising an eyebrow like "huh?", but after a little research I'm diggin' it... She's a devout metal head for sure, not just some fly-by-night in it for the money and 15 minutes of fame female rock vocalists. So I respect that a lot. Plus, she's has a big time background in clothing design specifically for rock music which will come in handy for brainstorming GWAR's next big monstrosity. And as far as metal chicks go, she's a hottie!