Anthems or ambiance, these are the tones that rattle your bones.
Say what you will about Glenn Danzig, or Jerry Only as individuals... Heck, say what you will about money and notoriety being the soul reason this is happening, but all I care about right now is that Glenn and Jerry seem to have set aside their difference to once again share a stage along with Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein to play at Riotfest this year in Denver and Chicago!! I am cranking up Static Age, Horror Business, Halloween, and all those original punk classics from one of my all time favorite bands as I type!! Devillocks for everyone!!!

No word, that I've seen, on who will be on drums, but I wonder if Arthur Googy is terribly busy... Or if Robo got his passport problems figured out... Oh, this surely has potential to be a HUGE thing. Please don't screw this up, Please don't screw this up.........

Maybe this will open the doors for a reunion tour or album. I hardly doubt it would be anything permanent, but nothing lasts forever.
I'm so psyched about this reunion... whether it came about because of money or notoriety, I don't care. I'm just happy Jerry Only won't be singing. I saw The Misfits a while ago (they played at a Haunted a House!) and Mr. Only absolutely butchered every song. Most were unrecognizable. This is a chance for redemption.