Anthems or ambiance, these are the tones that rattle your bones.
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By Lanceb74
dragonforce rocks! maybe not the vocals, hehe. that's good for a laugh, but damn the guitar and drums are INSANE! i used to listen to metal alot. mostly old school metal, though. old metallica (anything after And Justice For All blows). slayer, megadeth, testament, sepultura, etc. etc. alot of the new metal that comes out doesn't impress me much. i give it all a chance, though. lol i think the best metal band to come out in the past 10 years is Dethklok (from the adult swim show - Metalacolypse). as fictional as they are, they're awesome.
i'm pretty diverse in my music, i dig it all except for rap and country. pink floyd is my absolute favorite band, hands down. Ween would be a close second. but i guess i could type all day about the music i dig. hell, i'm in three bands, all different genres. metal, electronica/trance, and reggae.
By arcane_reaper
dethklok rules i love that show, metalocolypse!

im in one metal band but we are still practicing... we are diffinetely not that good, lol!
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By Megadeth_Fan
my name says it all

My top two favorite bands are Megadeth and Trivium.

Megadeth's latest album, United Abominations, is 2nd best in their library behind Rust in Peace. Trivium's latest album, The Crusade, is tops....some very good stuff in there.
By balsak40
I listen to mostly metal.... here are my faves...

Powerman 5000 (Tonight the Stars Revolt)
Type O Negative (They do have a lot of Halloween inspired tunes. A Must for any goth fan)
Andrew WK (Party music!!!)
Dethklok (Awesome cartoon and brutal Music!)
Static X
Bloodhound Gang
Metallica (Black album and back)
Faith No More
Fear Factory

And then I get silly...
My Chemical Romance (Just the Black Parade Album)
Modest Mouse (Good Stuff!)
Alien Ant Farm

I could go on.... :D
By arcane_reaper
sweet guess metal is prety popular! im glad this website is like where i live... i have to hang out with the suicidal kids cause they are the only peole that like me (and the nerds). but oh well iv converted 3 or 4 peole where i live, they now like metal!
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By SuperSonic
Well me personally ima guy for HARD stuff (what most people call screamo but really its only metal) my bands personally my top 3 as of right now are

Escape the Fate

(im guesing no one has heard of these)

but i do listen to all kinds of rock dont get me wrong and even some technoie stuff like LIGHTS :)
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By AmandaMzMetal
I'm very much into metal. Mainly death metal and black metal.


Dying Fetus
Celtic Frost
Vital Remains
Criminal Element
Severe Torture
Ritual Killer
Lamb of God
Rotting Christ

and on and on and on haha
By Vorta
Ever try to see if you don't have a Metal club in your area? You might be able to meet some kindred spirits.
Sometimes it seems like you're the only one who likes a particular thing when, in reality, the ones that don't are just louder about it than the ones that do.

We've got one local, the Charleston; used to be the cultural hub of the area (Opera, musical, dance and film,) but with the economy being how it is, it's owner dumped it and its now a dark smokey, run-down, sticker-laden, nirvana of a metal club.
Great starters venue for local bands, and sometimes we'll have one-tier-above local bands show up. Fun for moshing.

btw @Balsak40 DETHKLOK IS FULL OF SO MUCH WIN. ALWAYS play "Birthday Dethday" for my friends on their b-days. Do our bad, ominous deathgrowling voices and everything.
"Many years ago today, something grew inside of your mother.
And that thing was YOU." 8)
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By SuperSonic
I listen to DragonForce, but sadly no other metal (I'll listen to stuff on peoples iPods and like it but, just not on mine). Like what was aforementioned in my last post on this topic I'm a guy for the most intense music, with a little rock and indie thrown in.
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By monstermash
How about some Spice Girls... :P :wink:
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By SuperSonic
LOL nope not for me. There voices drive me off the wall.
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By monstermash
Ok SS but i think you might just be covering up :wink: . You should try some S Club 7 instead. A real masterpiece in music.
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By SuperSonic
monstermash wrote:Ok SS but i think you might just be covering up :wink: . You should try some S Club 7 instead. A real masterpiece in music.
LOL no covers for me, I tell the whole truth 'n' nothing but it so help me god :P

But this S Club 7 what genre are they??
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By monstermash
Look them up on YouTube...
90's crappy kiddy pop plop is how i would describe them. I can't believe im typing this but i loved them when i was like 10 years old. :oops:
Probably the exact opposite to metal. :lol:
By DevilxKat
I love all kinds of rock: particularly classic, punk, hard, black/power/progressive metal, psycho/rockabilly. You can throw in some techno, kpop/jpop, classical, ska, irish traditional..

Band list:
Iron Maiden
Pink Floyd
Social Distortion
King Diamond
Cradle of Filth
Rolling Stones
Celtic Frost
Billy Idol