Anthems or ambiance, these are the tones that rattle your bones.
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By CorpseBride
Thought it was finally time that I gave my contribution.

The Brains - More Brains
The Brains - Screaming
The Brains - No Brain No Pain
The Brains - Zombie Nation

-- sorry I have been on a little Brains kick lately :D -

The Coffinshakers - Last Night Down by the Grave
Demented Are Go - When Death Rides a Horse (perfect for the headless horseman!)
Koffin Kats - Chainsaw Massacre
Mad Marge and the Stonecutters - Dial Z for Zombie
Nekromantix - Trick or Treat
The Pretty Reckless - Zombie
Roky Erickson - I Think of Demons
The Spookshow - A Bloody Knife on Your Bloody Body
Headstones - Cemetary
The Creepshow - Zombies Ate Her Brain

...I am sure I will think of more :D
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By hkzombie
To get a head start on Halloween tunes, you can also go to and type in 'Halloween Party Radio'. I do need to make a Halloween cd this year for the car. When your doing work on the comp all day like me, this will help a lot 8)
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
hkzombie -- I have the "Halloween Party" station saved in Pandora too. :) As well as their "Spooky Symphonies" station (which is more orchestral, sometimes from film scores).

Although, I have to say... their "Halloween Party" station doesn't do too much to think outside the box. I tend to hear the obvious choices (which are on every Halloween CD ever). And they seem to lean toward oldies a bit too much for my taste. Listen to that station for an hour or two, and you're almost certain to hear "Purple People Eater" and "Witch Doctor" and "Love Potion Number 9".... probably more than once.

For online Halloween radio, I actually like AOL Radio's Halloween station which I talked about in this thread. If you can put up hearing the same commercial every so often, they do tend to play a good variety of songs. Older and modern, fast and slow, with lyrics and instrumentals. Sometimes a clever song choice even I wouldn't have thought to include.
By Hauntedweb
I always listen to you can request songs you want to hear.
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By CorpseBride
Hauntedweb wrote:I always listen to you can request songs you want to hear.
Yes! I always forget to mention that one. I listen to it often. I also really enjoy Rue Morgue Radio
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By hkzombie
I will check out those suggestions when I get a chance to! But may I add the fact I'm trying to get cover letters written up the wazoo for a job fair I'm attending tomorrow and it's hard to concentrate because the Halloween Party radio station is making me too giddy? :lol:

It's hard to have some serious consideration put into words for a job your interested in when all I can think about is the website, my dremel drill, pumpkins, and my list of scary movies to watch this year :P
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
Per my usual tradition, I've made another Halloween mix or myself and friends. And as usual, I picked songs that relate to this year's pumpkin patterns, or other themes that seem timely.

So here's my "Mad Mix 2011" playlist:

00 - Disneyland - "Haunted Mansion Intro"
01 - Here Come The Mummies - "Believe"
02 - Stevie Wonder - "Superstition"
03 - Ghoultown - "Return of the Living Dead"
04 - The J. Geils Band - "Fright Night"
05 - Misfits - "Monster Mash"
06 - The Pierces - "Secret"
07 - Ozzy Osbourne - "Zombie Stomp"
08 - Monster Cereals - "Go Disco"
09 - Johnny Cash - "Ghost Riders In The Sky"
10 - The Creepshow - "Halloween"
11 - Lily Munster - "Everyone Is Welcome"
12 - Alice Cooper - "Ghouls Gone Wild"
13 - Original London Cast - "The Phantom Of The Opera"
14 - The Ramones - "Pet Sematary"
15 - Shaboi - "Rapsylvania '88"
16 - Bobby Brown - "On Our Own"
17 - Peter Mayer - "John's Garden"
18 - Van Helsing's Curse - "Tubular Hell"
19 - Voltaire - "When You're Evil"
20 - Disneyland - "Haunted Mansion Outro"
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By nosferatu
A great playlist as usual, with a load of songs that I'll have to look up.

My personal favourite on there is Superstition.

I love this video of Stevie Wonder playing it live on Sesame Street sometime in the seventies. What a superstar.
By nico_reed
I love this thread. I go back to it every year looking for more song recommendations from everyone to add to my playlists. One I just added that I don't see here is 'The Carny' by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. Very atmospheric and spooky!
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By alyssaSF
The entire album "Murder Ballads" by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds would work for Halloween. My personal favorites are "Where the Wild Roses Grow" and "Stagger Lee."