Anthems or ambiance, these are the tones that rattle your bones.
I personally will listen to anything with guitars and a Drum beat (haha. I'm a drummer. Get it?) I also listen to a little techno here and there, but Rock or Metal heavier than a tonne of lead.

What do you guys listen to?
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By purple1worm
I'm into a variaty of things. Rock, metal, alternative stuff. If i'm feeling mellow i'll listen to some 70's. It depends on my mood. I have to admit though i'm not very current on what's going on in music right now.
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By Raven
I have a pretty wide taste in music. I can listen to classical all day long and really love the wonderful piano playing of David Lanz. Right now my IPod is usually on Avenge Sevenfold or Shinedown. Rob Zombie has always been a big favorite of mine. Metallica..well not so much these days. The 80's were great with bands like G 'N R and Motley Crue. The last concert I went to was Neil Diamond. That man can still put on a hell of a show.
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By SuperSonic
GNR's new stuff is terrible! :( I was expecting SO much more out of it. Just...weak.
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By purple1worm
I don't recall hearing the new stuff. I do like the old stuff, though I have to admit Axles's voice iratates me after a while. I like ac/dc, metallica, foo fighter, moist, tea party, pearl jam, ccr,heart, zeplin, kiss,floyd, r.e.m., s.t.p., the tragically hip and more...
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By SuperSonic
well if you think his voice in annoying dont listen to much of the new stuff :lol: the first 4 tracks are great but the rest kinda bore me cept for track 7
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By mudd
my music taste range from descendents to misfits, slayer, eagles. beatles, pink floyd, suicidal tendencies, hank williams, john lee hooker, iron maiden, judas priest, the cure and a lot of other stuff.
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By CorpseBride
Like most of you, I also have an eclectic musical taste...some of my faves are...

Kings of Leon
Rob Zombie/White Zombie (how fitting :lol: )
Green Day
Jack Johnson
Tegan & Sara
Out of Your Mouth
System of A Down
Michael Buble (yup, you read that right)
Billy Talent
Iron Maiden
Dresden Dolls
Social Distortion
Pink Floyd
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By vibhandaka
We all seem to have eclectic tastes... :) Maybe carving pumpkins makes us more open minded, lol. A few of my fave artists are:

Simon and Garfunkel
Buddy Holly
The Rasmus
Kings of Leon (going to their concert this Sat!)
Blue Oyster Cult
Josh Groban
The Beatles
Steve Miller Band
Adam Lambert
Darren Hayes
*NSYNC (yes, the are still one of my faves)

I just realized, I don't really like many female singers.
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By vibhandaka
Dang, I killed this topic! Lol. My Kings of Leon concert mentioned above was awesome! So much fun. I didn't end up seeing BOC because it was raining and cold. :(
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By SuperSonic
IF any one wants an indie/pop band to listen to, Canadian Singer/Songwriter LIGHTS is a fanrastic artist.
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I like a little bit of everything. Some of my favorites being Green Day, Rob Zombie, Johnny Cash, Ghost, Ghoultown, and many more.
I'm a big fan at just about anything rock... Mostly hard rock/metal... My all time favorite band is Metallica, and I do enjoy the old stuff as well as the new. That being said I haven't really listened to much of their stuff lately since my overall taste in music has made some changes. I know I said I was mostly into hard rock and metal, but I have recently started listening to a lot of rockabilly music thanks to Finnish band VOLBEAT... They are a hard rock/metal band that has really heavy American country and rockabilly influence. If you haven't listened to them, I'd highly recommend it! Imagine if Johnny Cash or Elvis decided to do metal, and voila, Volbeat! This has also lead me to a very recent interest in the psychobilly genre. Which, IMO, is kinda like "rockabilly, meets surf rock, meets tales from the crypt"

Outside of the realm of rock, I really dig classical music. Also traditional Scottish Bagpipe music. Anything with lutes, finger style guitar, ocarinas... Basically like Renaissance or "medieval" era music I go ga-ga for! "Druid" like chanting, YES! The music alone is fantastic, and not to mention when you take that music, and turn into a modern rock or metal version. Case in point, the Italian band "Elvenking" is pretty good with this. I feel the same way about opera music. It's great by itself, but when it's molded into a power metal or symphonic metal version, I get goosebumps! Nightwish, anyone? Having mentioned opera, I must say that musicals in general interest me providing that the subject matter is to my liking... Phantom of the Opera, and Sweeney Todd are probably my two most liked as far as that goes...

Man, I could seriously sit here and type ALL DAY, but you guys don't wanna hear all that... I just really really really dig music that makes me feel good!!
By Zee
Wow, lots of great recommendations. Thanks, guys!

chuckwagon, out of all the "billy" genres, I think psychobilly is the best. Horrorbilly is a close second. Many of my favourite bands fall into these two categories. I just listened to "Elvenking." I dig it! If you like them, you might be interested in Rhapsody of Fire (formerly known as plain ol' "Rhapsody"). Another Italian power metal band. Please keep the recommendations coming!

My favourite band is AFI. Good bunch of eggs in my opinion. I'm pretty musically diverse in terms of what I'll listen to... Alkaline Trio, Gogol Bordello, Hillbilly moon explosion, Rise Against, Tiger Army, Hank 3... the last band I saw live was Bane... Polar Bear Club... the older I get, the harder it is to remember these details. :lol: