Tomes from the tomb, recommend reading for you cultured creatures.
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By zombombie
I've just finished this and absolutely loved it!

A knock off Ikea store named Orsk has some strange goings on, some staff stay the night to find out what's going on and all hell breaks loose.

Written by Grady Hendrix he combines horror and comedy to great effect. But for me, the grotesque imagery and total creepiness of the novel work incredibly well. Especially with the Ikea inspired diagrams at the beginning of each chapter that get darker as the story progresses.

I can't recommend this book highly enough, it's a super easy read and incredibly enjoyable!
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By Pumpkinfreak
I had never heard of it, so looked it up.
Looks and sounds like a great read, thanks for the tip, will pick up a copy :thumbsup:
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By Cirrus
Thank you for your recommendation. I just downloaded to my Kindle. I just finished Backyard Giants by Susan Warren last nigh, and am ready for my next Halloween book! :)
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By SuperSonic
Knock off Ikea store. So a knockoff of knock offs? How wonderfully ironic. I'll take a stab and see if I like it!