Reviews of specific carving products by those who've used them.
Just an FYI: I saw the other day that Party city had the arms on their website.
Don't know if they also carry the stems and legs ???

or if they will be physically in their stores...

Anywho the page says they will be for sale starting Sept 1st. ... redirect=1
OrangeOrb wrote:Thanks for the info, Stoney. I think there's a Party City about an hr. from me. The pumpkin attachments are such a great idea and have so many applications.

on their Site Link above - Says they wont be available until Sept 1st...

And Make sure you call the store First, to make sure they have them..
Hate to see you waste two hours driving, and they're not there..
I found the following site that was selling zombie pumpkin vine arms. I thought that the price $14.99 was quite reasonable in comparison to some of the other sites I have seen them on in the past, the Ray Villafane site had them at $19.99 list price (although out of stock currently). ... -villafane

UK shipping costs were quite high at $24.99, but by far cheaper than some other places where they were looking at over $50 to ship to the UK.

I've ordered 3 sets for this year which is a bit of an extravagance, but I just couldn't resist it as I've been looking to order some of these for a couple of years now but was put off by high prices and shipping costs to the UK.

Still waiting for the shipment to arrive in the UK, but hopefully it will make it here in time for Halloween.