Reviews of specific carving products by those who've used them.
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By St0ney
I'm the same Way - I wont Promote a Product unless it's a Good Product that Works.. For Me and ALL the carvers...

I figure - I post about the Dremel use - So folks don't Kill a Pumpkin. :D

I really Did Hope it would work for my use, I love that it Dissolves..
And it would be nice to Get an Order, Print the Pattern, and Carve it in minutes...

I can Still do that with the Sticker paper, But you have to go Slow and Easy Removing it.

I Honestly Didn't think this would work for Dremel Use, But Now I'm 100% Sure it Don't - Because I Tested it... (wish I would have been Wrong) - LOL
At least We Know - How to use the Product and How...

As stated, I will still Use this Product for carving Demos, It's Great on Real Kins (and Yes I do use saws on those) - LOL

So YEA this Product Gets a :thumbsup: From me..
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By Euri
Interesting. I used a dremel exclusively when I made my Star Wars Space Battle pumkin I posted about earlier in this post. I never once had the paper pull away from the kin but I did have some dissolve on the paper. I blotted it dry and used a reference photo so it worked okay.

As for the dremel bit I did have some build up, but it was far less than when I dremel through paper on a kin, foam or real. I was really pleased with the product. Huh, I wonder if I'm using it wrong. :wink:
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By Lala
Zombie Pumpkins! wrote:
You brought up some good points I forgot to mention in my video. Make sure you print on the right side of the sheet. You wouldn't want to waste a piece because you printed on the wrong side. Although, I suppose you can just flip it over and reprint. And because the sheets are thin and like fabric, they do almost stretch and can curve to the surface very easily! I love how you can move it around and re-stick it if necessary.
So I found some at Joann's today (they only had one package) and of course, I printed it on the wrong side because I am stupid.

I watched the videos too. :-( so don't mess up like me. (I couldn't flip it because I had already cut around the pattern)
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By S.A.M
I finally got to use Stick n Carve today and I'm not too keen on it to be honest. It's probably a combination of juicy pumpkin and a pattern with thin sliver bits (was carving Olaf, so his arms and hair) the paper would dissolve or get dragged in to the cut with the blade. I made sure it was well stuck too. I'll use it on pumpkins that aren't too juicy and patterns that don't have too many close together bits. I did like not having to trace the pattern however and that saved a nice bit of time but I'll be mainly using Saral transfer paper.
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
Yeah, I totally hear what you're saying S.A.M. It sticks well, but once it gets wet and starts the dissolve it can move where you're cutting. Juicy pumpkins don't help matters, nor do very thin and detailed designs.

Since discovering the stuff, I haven't carved a pumpkin without it, and haven't really had a serious issue. To reiterate a few tips:
  1. Keep moving with your carving blade, so the pattern doesn't have time to dissolve where your'e cutting.
  2. Don't hop around, carving here and there. You don't want to partially cut out one shape, and come back to it later, because as time passes the material can dissolve along the lines you started.
  3. Blot the surface with a paper towel now and then, to dry up any particularly juicy spots you've cut.
  4. Refer to the original design if you feel that you lost some of the pattern and forgot your place (it helps if you're me and designed the pattern, I can kinda remember the shapes and wing it when I need to).
By CRFTony
You print and stick the "fabric" side of this paper, correct? There are no directions with my pack but it seems that this would be the piece that dissolves, not the "wax paper" side. Just want to make sure before I print off 20 patterns. =)
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
Correct, CRFTony! Be aware of which side of the paper your printer prints on, and make sure you print on the textured "fabric" side. That's what sticks to the pumpkin, carves-through, and dissolves when your'e done. The thicker "wax paper" part is just the backing that you remove and toss.
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By shaft28
I love this product, it is perfect for craft pumpkins and good for real ones (if you are fast and it isn't too juicy).
This year I am unable to work in my shop for long so I've had to carve all by hand (no dremmel) which resolves any issues I might of had with it gumming up. Think that is only a problem with a real pumpkin-stick n carve-dremmel combo; never head it myself.

I use it on all of my carves, it's just great.
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By MomoN187
Hi, I've just used the last of my Stick 'n Carve, i have to say that it's been a god send. Ease of use is a +10, i will surely buy more for the next Halloween Season!!, thanks again. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: