Reviews of specific carving products by those who've used them.
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By shaft28
I've only used blue but that is because it is the most contrast color to orange. Usually only see red and yellow so didn;t think those would work well - unless you have a black craft pumpkin (which is usually to glossy so the saral rub doesn't stick and smears super easy).
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
Any color should work really. Shaft got it... blue is only the suggestion because blue is the exact opposite of orange, so it creates the highest contrast.
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By Pargolf
The only one I would not recommend is the graphite. Does not consistently transfer as well as the other colors. I have used the white for years
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By Raven
I swore I replied to this but I must not have hit "submit".

I have the graphite and while it transferred well for me it was a mess. It rubbed all over the 'kin and was a lot harder to wash off. I had black on my 'kins everywhere that year.

I find Saral cheapest on Ebay. I keep checking throughout the year and sometimes can find a really great deal on it. If I need some right away Amazon is my go to place.