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WOW! Thanks to all the minions who recommended these! I just received my order yesterday and I and my 'kins are EXTREMELY pleased with these lights! I purchased the flicker lights in various colors and a set of the changing lights that fade from one color to the next, (I think those will go with my maniacal clown pumpkins). They are WAY past my expectations! WOOOHOOO! :thumbsup: :D :thumbsup: :D :thumbsup: :D :thumbsup:
Hey Ryan,
I got the ones you mention and they do not flicker. But they are awesome. I mean, so bright and the colors are great. Tested some out on older foam carves and they look amazing. Highly recommend.
I'm really happy to hear that these lights have worked out for so many of you. It took a bit of trial and error with several different pumpkin lights on the market until I came across these. When I realized how perfect they were for pumpkins I couldn't wait to share it with you guys! Keep carving! :thumbsup:
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Zombie Pumpkins! wrote:Sounds awesome, b2b. Do you have the web link to the exact item you bought? I had my eye on the "Submersible LED Lights" but I don't believe those flicker?

No, again I am a techno idiot. But they are the flickering, non-waterproof ones in the solid colors, and the non-flickering, non-waterproof ones in the variable color changing line. I live in Portland, Oregon and have not had a problem with non-waterproof ones yet, although this Halloween is supposed to be pretty wet for the TOTs. You will find them easily once you are on the site. And yes, their shipping charges are steep! My Grandson positioned the light on the inside top of the 'kin instead of placing it on the bottom, and it turned out great, especially for larger pumpkins and those with a lot of detail near the top of the pattern. It would also pretty much solve the rain on the tealight issue. The tealight is light enough to attach by using sticky-back velcro to its backside and to the interior of the pumpkin top to hold it on. On real pumpkins, you may wish to cover that bit of inside upper lid with duct tape to help the sticky-back velcro adhere. It may even produce a graduated double-color effect on the tall ones.