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By pagemaster1993
Looks okay, but I don't know about putting it on top. I like having the stem. I have seen something like this at Wal-Mart the last two Halloweens. They weren't solar powered, but you put them on top of the pumpkin too. They came in two designs: Mummy and Monster Hand.
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By chuckwagon
I'm with page on this one. The idea itself is fantastic, and I hope that the light itself works well overall, but I don't think I'd want to give my pumpkin a top hat. Considering that with a normal howler/puck style light you'd have to manually turn them on anyway, which means bending over, or stooping to flip a little switch, I'd say this solar light could be used in that same fashion so that you could leave the stem on top, and just leave the solar panel in the sunlight to charge, and then place it under the pumpkin after dark. It's still a great idea though, for sure. Props for harnessing the power of the sun!