Reviews of specific carving products by those who've used them.
I was in Hobby Lobby yesterday checking out the goods, and was very surprised to see that that this years craft pumpkins are not the usual Funkins I've been used to getting a handful of every year... They seem to be more like the gemmies we see at Michael's. Had the same feeling of density in my hands, and the same stem paint designs that I'm familiar with from Michael's as well. I can't recall the specific brand they were labeled as, but I do know that they weren't exactly the same name as Michael's but maybe same factory on a different day of production? Wondering if Stoney can shed light on this at all?
These are different than Gemmys. I actually like them better because they don't have the ribs on the inside and don't have AS MUCH of the random orange spray paint on the inside. They are the same height (13 inches) but are slimmer. They still fit a standard 8.5 x 11 pattern just fine. They are both the same price ($30 MSRP).

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This is 100% Correct - Funkins will NOT be for Sale in Hobby Lobby stores this year.
(If you do see funkin Brand pumpkins there, they are left over from last year)...

I only mention this for a carver in my FB Group saw and bought (3) funkins that were on a shelf at his HL Store.

The Looks of the NEW Pumpkin, I believe is a Gemmy Pumpkin.
(Just Re-Branded - as they do for MOST of the big box stores)...

The Lines in the Micheals Pumpkins is because Micheals Wants them there... :grin:
They use the foam pumpkins for Fall Floral arrangements (so the want the walls stiffer more solid).

The Sticker Price for the 13" Micheals Pumpkins is $30
And I heard Hobby Lobby is also $30 for the 13"

(So make sure you wait for either a good deal or find and use Coupons)...
oh man the Michaels ones are the only ones I can find around here but I really really don't like the lines in them. I made diorama with one and I loved it...all except the lines anyhow.