Reviews of specific carving products by those who've used them.
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By BrookR1
It looks like Pumpkin Masters now has their own version of Stick 'n Carves. I found these at my local grocery store. They basically work just like Stick 'n Carves with a few differences:
  • They are pre-printed, so you can't download and choose your own pattern. You are stuck with the designs they offer
  • They are much smaller. They aren't a full 8.5 x 11. The pattern area is only 7 x 8.5, so they are much smaller
  • They don't dissolve in water as easily, which may be a good thing. My only gripe with Stick 'n Carve is that it sometimes dissolves while I'm still carving.
I haven't tried using it. I bought this pack for the flaming jack pattern. The price was $3 for 4 patterns.

Overall, I think this is a good thing. People that purchase these will have a better experience than other methods of pattern transfer. Making pumpkin carving easier for people can only be a good thing and I think once they graduate from PM patterns to ZP patterns, they will already be comfortable with stick on patterns and be more likely to purchase Stick 'n Carve. It's just a shame that they seem to be the only patterns available to people at grocery stores...where they actually sell the pumpkins.

Thanks for the heads up. I'll have to try this out, to see how it compares. And I agree, any "gateway drug" is a good thing, if it means new people will try pumpkin carving and eventually find their way to Zombie Pumpkins!