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By Tricksy Faery
I’m looking for a decent Fog Machine and came across these two, one from Party City and one from Spirit Halloween Store. But they don’t give much in the way of details or reviews. Does anyone have these or know which one is a better product? They are both 1000 Watts which is what I’m looking for and the prices seem about right. Thanks for any help or info you can give.

Spirit Halloween Store Fog Machine

Party City Fog Machine
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By punchi
I don't have much experience, but if you look on you tube, there is a lot of cool how to videos. However, i don't know which one you should get...
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By CombichristGirl
i can say i have the spirit one but i got it marcs for only $10 and they want $70 holy heck! i can say it does output a lot but i dont hvae any knowledge beyond that
By Tricksy Faery
Thanks CombichristGirl that does help a lil. At least now I know about one of them. LoL
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By Chewy
Ive got a wal-mart "low lying" no name brand fog machine. It has an ice reservoir, but doesnt really do a great job at cooling the fog - or putting out enough. Luckily, i got it half price on Nov 1 a few years ago. Splurged & bought the time for it as well - not sure if it's bad design or a defective unit but found the timer to be a complete waste of time, didnt try it until the following year & they wouldnt take it back, had a buddy make me custom timer that works flawlessly.
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By wookie66
I bought the 400 watt one from spirit last year and did a pretty good job. At one point i had half the street covered in fog, luckily there was no wind that night. I was thinking about upgrading to the 1000 watt machine so let me know how it does if you buy it.