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I've been won over this morning upon receipt of my package from Ryan.

Have been dying to try this out & due to the new, smaller size was a bit dubious,,,

How wrong could I have been!?

Superb throw of light, used Eye of the beholder as a sample set up in daylight & darkened conditions, it performs admirably.

Leds are the same, unit is now a small puck, & battery compartment accessed by a small phillips screw (tiny)
There is even a little hooking point to ease the backplate acces to battery compartment without getting riled up, nice touch.
The on / off button is raised profile (pronounced & actually easier to locate than the rainbow light.
has a good clear "click" & feels well sprung for such a cheap product.

Wish I'd bought more!

Additional: the flicker is from fast on off cycle, I stared at the 3 leds (as long as I could) & the reason these are so good is it's an efficient on off motion from the 3 at once wothout it looking like it's flashing, the lights make the flame effect appear to be guttering (when the candle is staying alight "just")

10 /10
NB if you are putting it in a wet soaked pumpkin you will need to smear some protection on it to prevent water ingression.

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By pagemaster1993
Yeah I bought like three from Halloween City and plan on getting some more as soon as I get more funkins.
By Ajax
I to was blown away by the effect on this and wish I bought more. The strobe effect is the ultimate though.
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By Hottie McNaughty
I also really like this product and plan on purchasing a few more. It's a good amount of light and the effect really does look like a flickering candle.
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By matspud
Its GREAT. I agree with everything GUS said including the bit about having to seal the base with a little vaseline.

I love the new size. I tried to put an old one in my floating Cheshire cat but, because of the wire throught he middle of the smallish pumpkin, I just couldn't get it to sit right. The new one fits perfectly :D :D Just hope the bring the colour one out in the small size but without loosing any of the versatility.