Reviews of specific carving products by those who've used them.
I already knew that the Pro Carver would be easier and faster to use. It has more teeth which cut through pumpkin easier. I have two now and will use them forever. In fact I only had to replace a small blade once and that was my fault (got a bit mad over something that did not work out.)
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By Lala
Just received mine today! So excited to use it!! We're having a Zombie Pumpkins themed Carving Party on the 26th so I will try it out then :D
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
snow2alike wrote:But the trick I tell all my new carving clients is to wrap a rubber band around the part of the saw they hold onto! It adds cush, helps with grip and you don't slip up and down while carving. This really helps alot with not getting the dreadded gnarly carving callus,

snow2alike, it was your suggestion, in part, that inspired the inclusion of the foam grips that are part of the current Pro Tool set. What do you think of that addition?

Someone asked me about how to clean these tools, so I thought I would share this...

Basically, when you unscrew the brass pieces, they become very easy to rinse warm water through. As soon as I'm done carving, I do this to remove any residue of pumpkins. But if any pumpkin was left to dry on these parts, you could just soak the metal pieces in soapy water.


It's a good idea to rinse them off soon after carving though, as the acidic pumpkin juice can discolor the metal (this won't hurt it's performance, it just won't look as "pretty").

On the topic of soaking in water, the wood handles are coated in a food-safe wax wood finish, but not sealed entirely watertight. So it's safe to rinse under running water, but not recommended to soak the wood for any length of time.
If you carve foamies with your Z.P.! pro carving tool. All you have to do to clean it is blow some air through it.
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By Raven
zombombie wrote:You know, I feel terrible about my carving tool! It's still the best piece of kit for carving, and it's in no way damaged, but I have let it get a little discoloured due to pumpkin juice :oops:
Mine looks horrible! I tell myself each year I will clean it after each use, and every year I let it sit there till I'm done with carving for the season. :P

If anyone wants to polish up their CARVING tool, there is a great product called Flitz that will make it nice and shiny once again. I've used it several times. I know you can find it on Amazon.
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By nosferatu
I like the fact that mine are a bit scuffed, the blades dark and discoloured and ever so slightly bent. It reminds me of my dad's tools. Chisels and spoke shaves that he had for decades. I like the fact that they have longevity and that are made to last.

I find that due to the way I hold my tool I do get a blister forming on the side of one of my fingers as I carve. The blood and calloused skin just adds to the heritage and authenticity of the carving tool. Definitely giving the rubberband a go this year.
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By monstermash
My carving tools look like they've been through the war. They have been battling against wave after wave of zombie pumpkins after all. I've a few slightly wonky blades too but I don't mind, they still cut fine. I'm sure Brasso or Bar Keepers Friend would polish them up for any Brits after a cleaner look. I like 'em rough around the edges. :)
I just got the ZP! Pro Carving Tool this year, and I have to say that these are the absolute best looking pumpkins I've ever carved. These tools cut through the pumpkins like butter! I have to order more since 11 year old daughter has now turned into a pumpkin carving freak like her old man! She's carved the Count Von Count, The Minion, and Harry Potter using the tools.

I carved the Daryl Dixon pattern in no time at all this afternoon. I've also used them to carve my first two foamies and they were great! Wish I had this tool years ago! :thumbsup:
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By BrookR1
I've used mine for two seasons so far and absolutely love it. The only (minor) comment I have is that I wish it were heavier. I think it would reduce on hand fatigue because you wouldn't have to press down as hard when cutting. Gravity would help you out. Otherwise, it's a great tool and I really enjoy using it. I like the thickness of the handle. I allows me to change up my grip when I get tired.
Thanks for the feedback. I don't often hear people say they wish it was heavier, but I can see what you're saying. I'm considering playing with other materials for the handle again (we did acrylic at once time).
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By matspud
Zombie Pumpkins! wrote:Thanks for the feedback. I don't often hear people say they wish it was heavier, but I can see what you're saying. I'm considering playing with other materials for the handle again (we did acrylic at once time).
I think it's a good weight and size as it is however I am always willing to try something new, especially a lovely brightly coloured one :D
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