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Ok, so I have a Dremel rotary tool, I also have a Skil tool (because they're compatible with Dremel & Bosch in the UK own both brands...

I would have been using both for pumpkin-ing this year but now I'm sick of the companies "Green Wash" attitude.

So I was using my Skil tool flexi shaft on my Dremel in the loft to make pilot holes for flooring to go down in cramped space.

The flexi-shaft (2nd use ever) came apart at speed, sending the spring flying into goodness knows where, after 30 mins hunting I gave up, rang Bosch / Dremel / Skil tool UK & inquired as to a spare, after all this is really for my back up set in case one gets hot & I need to finish a job, don't want to burn em out...

The reply from service was that "this is so cheap an item, it was deemed unnecessary to keep spares"

Me: "So you are saying that this as a new item leaves me up the proverbial creek without a working tool (that's only been used 2x) when I've bought the brand based on compatibility with Dremel & the fact it's a brand owned by Bosch ..who are very reputable,? (most of our white goods & tools are Bosch).

Me ctd, this is greenwash, you are selling an item to merely junk as when it fails it is junk & irreparable?"

BOSCH / Dremel / Skil-tool: "I couldn't possibly comment sir"

So the upshot is a brand they boast about on their website in terms of proud heritage is merely made to be like a disposable razor, use once or twice & it's destined for the bin!

Apparently so!

they do have a director n charge of making sure stuff that go's in bins (ie packaging) is recycled though.
SO Tomorrow I need to speak to the "Director in charge of Bosch's bins"

What a total crock!
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By monstermash
Thats no use if stuff you buy breaks after five mins. I use a dremel flexi shaft and it seems pretty good. Ive recently bought some good little engraving/sanding tools from They might have a decent flexi for a good price. I payed $20 for about 30 different pieces then added up the same tools on the dremel site. It would have came to over £170. The quality is pretty much the same.
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
Sorry to hear of your break-apart flexi-shaft product experience. Yikes. Do you have an official product name, number or link you can point us to, so we know exactly which flex shaft to avoid?
I'll dig it out Ryan & amend this post.
I can state that my spare drill tool is the Skil-tool 1415, it's bulkier than a dremel but I bought it as it is a brand owned by Bosch, & bosch advise all dremel tools are interchangeable with it, so what's not to love? a cheap back up by the same company that owns / makes dremel?

It's nice to have an extra tool with another often used accesory piece set up rather than chopping & changing, just like alot of us have mutiple saw tools to hand, saves chopping & changing blades & allows you to speed through whilst maintaining your concentration.

it's an all in one package (discontinued in the uk) that incorporates the 1415 drill,
1x torch (acting as an additonal handle if required on the drill & to focus upon your work.

1 x telescopic bench mounted drill stand

1x flexi-shaft ...model number to be verified.

I have no problem with the rest of the kit, however if you are weighing up the cash price on a genuine dremel flexi shaft v a generic model, even though it's owned & produced by the same parent company, you could find yourself at a loss very quickly.

Shame I used to like skil-tool but my faith in them has been severely tested.