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By wookie66
I bought 2 last year and one of them is down to just one red light working on it and the other has lost the green light. Just wondering is this a common problem with these because they worked great last year for halloween and i want to buy more this year but not if they are going to break after the first month of use.
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
Hmm, well that's no good. Sorry to hear of your dead light experience. I've probably shipped out thousands of those Deluxe Rainbow Lights to customers. Occasionally someone will report an issue involving one of the LED lights not working when they first try it. And I've replaced those ones that are defective from the start. But I haven't heard anything about the lights going out, from year to year.

I've been using the same few Howler lights for several years and they all still work fine. LEDs should have a very long lifespan, so I'd guess the issue is a failure with the connections inside. Were the lights ever dropped? Where they stored in any extreme temperatures or around excessive moisture?

Also, if you haven't used them for almost a year, did you remove the batteries before storing the lights? That's a good practice to get into. After sitting idle for months, the batteries could become corroded. Also, if the batteries are left in, the on-button could get pressed accidentally, which would use the LEDs (although likely drain the batteries first).

Anyway, I haven't heard any common issues with these lights, but they are small plastic things so they probably won't last forever. If anyone else has experience with the longevity of the product (or lack-thereof) , I'd be glad to hear about it.
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By wookie66
One of them stopped working, except for the red light about 2 weeks after halloween, they were never dropped. I guess i just got a bad one, im still going to get some more this year. i need about 15 battery lights this year, so hope you have a big box for me lol.
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By matspud
I think there are always a few duds in every bulk delivery. :? I have had similar issues - both bulbs not working on arrival and ones dying after a short time. Same thing happens to the candle ones as well. I think the newer ones are a bit more temperamental than the older style. :?
I've never had an issue with the rainbow howler lights (I use nothing but them really) they've always been exemplary.

My beef is with the traditional flicker howler though, if "WHEN" water ingress occurs it's a nightmare to get properly cleaned, decontaminated (pumpkin guts / water ) & reaassembled.
Theres a yawning chasm in design betwen rainbow & miniature low profile trad varieant, & that's before we even look at the chassis material.
There really needs to be a gasket between battery compartment & base, & also a gasket round the entry hole for the on off.

I expect to have to replace my lights when it rains? ...I do now! ..great light cr@ppy design & assembly, Ryan please let us know of any changes regarding new stock, this may just make me light tealights instead, & i've always been an led man, (around 80 led howlers) & a consumate LED nut! ..however when it's poor dsign & execution, PLUS international shipping i've got to draw a line in the sand!

if you can get feedback to Howler I'd appreciate it.
By Ajax
I find there only good in foamies myself. I have had the same issues, but just made do with the colors that work. Wish they were still in stock :cry:. I bought a micheals celebrate brand light today flicker one. The flickering is a little unnatural and it's not as bright as the howler flicker lights but it's the best alternative I have found so far.
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By SuperSonic
The red light works stupendously in real kins

Blue and Green suck :lol: I can hardly get them to light up. I remember either last year or the year before, I tryed to use green to light up Slimer.

Failed miserably :roll:

However, I think that one you have has been filled with a pox. Or perhaps its the head I found in the lake. :twisted: