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Here's an upcoming product that can literally lift your carved pumpkin a few feet off the ground.


The "Punkin Post" (note the spelling) can a hold real or faux pumpkin. You insert the stand into the ground or bucket full of sand, and mount your pumpkin securely on top.

This model is designed to look like a skeleton hand and is called "Last Grasp." Introductory price is $19.00 plus shipping & handling. I'm told they should become available at the end of August.

Here's a good video that shows the item in action:

And the inventors website is here:

If anyone gives this item a try, please post your review below!
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By pagemaster1993
That is a little weird looking, but it would work depending on the pattern.
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By SuperSonic
:shock: I want... I WANT!!!. This seems to good to pass up. Can you post a link when its available for sale?
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
The inventor says the item will be for sale through his website at the end of the month, which I guess is But as you can see, the site is very "bare bones" right now, pun intended. If I get any updates, I'll post here.
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By Chewy

not so sure about the price point though... I think if it were $10 all in i'd pop for half a dozen. At $20 before tax & freight - i'll spend my time thinking about how i can accomplish the same result myself.

<puts thinking cap on>
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By pagemaster1993
You could use pvc pip for the arm parts then cover with clay or something. As for the hand part I do not know what to do about that.
Cheap solar marker light (they have the ground stake fins which invariably will be hollow thus allowing the....

Wire framework
"flesh out" with plaster of paris bandage wrap?
(or use 1lb blocks of sculpey)
stick it together..more wire & over lay of chosen art material

Now on that basis i'd like to see CB do solar lanterns in outstretched boney skeletal arms based on hanging basket supports!

sort me out when you're a rich CB..
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By CorpseBride
I love it! I so want one!

Gus: You are going to make me quit my full time job soon. You fabulous ideas are only fueling the fire into unemployment and an abandoned college education. I really want to try this now :twisted: Stay tuned?
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By wookie66
It would look good coming out of a gravesite or have 1 on each side of a tombstone with the person name carved on the 2 pumpkins or a good ghoulish phrase.
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By staticfurball
It look pretty cool but I dunno....I dont think it can hold a very large pumpkin though. I guss it would be nice with a small one. It would look good in front of a grave.
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By Euri
That would be my question: how big of pumpkin can it hold?

Still, I LOVE the look. I'll have to give this some thought. :?
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
According to this video, it holds a pumpkin up to 14" x 14" ? I'm not sure about weight. But if you look at that video, you see that it has multiple stabilizing pegs on the hand part, and the bottom of the post goes pretty deep into the ground. So hopefully it should be secure. If anyone tries it, I look forward to hearing your reviews.
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By matspud
I have ordered a couple so I will let you know how it goes. Years back I got a small one similar to this for putting on a table. It worked great so I ordered ( what I thought) were a couple more of the same thing. I was not impressed with the second ones :? While the first one is sturdy and made oyt of resin ( or similar) and can hold a good weight kin, the second ones are lightweight and made of polystyrene. Only suitable for holding a small kin or a bowl of candy. I really hope the punkin posts are more sturdy than those.