Reviews of specific carving products by those who've used them.
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By amandap80
matspud wrote:I have ordered a couple so I will let you know how it goes. Years back I got a small one similar to this for putting on a table. It worked great so I ordered ( what I thought) were a couple more of the same thing. I was not impressed with the second ones :? While the first one is sturdy and made oyt of resin ( or similar) and can hold a good weight kin, the second ones are lightweight and made of polystyrene. Only suitable for holding a small kin or a bowl of candy. I really hope the punkin posts are more sturdy than those.
Did you get these yet? I am very curious!
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By purple1worm
They look cool!
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By matspud
Got an email a couple of days ago finally acknowledging my order and letting me know they will be shipped the first week in October. Not optimistic about them being here in time for me to give my opinion in time for Halloween :? They do mention a larger version being available in 2012.

The more I re read the blurb the less I think they will be suitable for decent sized real pumpkins :?
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By monstermash
Don't worry MS, you'll be carving tiddlers this year anyway. :cry:
Do let us know what they are like if you manage to get them before the big day. They've been long winded in shipping them.
email them back & say you wanted them despatched immediately as they have your money! are an international order & with shipping times being longer you therefore either expect the stock confirmed shipped or an immediate refund due to time constraints!
"what can you do for me? ..update required in order to make a timely decision"
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By matspud
They can't send out what they dont have yet GUS. The letter says it is a limited production run so obviously they want to wait for as many as possible to be ordered prior to the run. Not too bothered if they are a bit late for myself - just sorry I won't be able to give my 2 pence worth in time for anyone else to purchase ( should they be AMAZING!)
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By S.A.M
Thanks for updating the topic matspud as I was thinking of ordering one of these, I was going to wait for your opinion first. If they do ship the punkin posts in the first week of October there is still time for it to get to you (just).

If you are concerned about it taking the weight of a real pumpkin I would suggest thinning the pumpkin all the way around as opposed to just the carving face and get as much off of the lid as possible.
I was surprised at how light weight you can get a real pumpkin by doing this. I did a home made scarecrow which is essentially just a bit of wood in the ground and I use a real pumpkin for it's head no problems. Not that it's the same as the punkin post.
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By matspud
S.A.M. I usually thin my kins all the way round, just not quite as thin as the carving face but I like BIG pumpkins. I think the post will be ok for the supermarket kins in th UK and may be slightly larger but not the decent size ones I have managed to get in previous years. My biggest concern is the weather - if is windy I suspect the post might snap/bend. Mind you all this is speculation at the moment :? Promise I'll post as soon as they get here :D
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
A few more updates from the inventor of this item...

- The post has a spade end which can be inserted into the ground different depths

- Advanced users can manipulate the grip with a heat gun.

- This model should only handle a medium or smaller pumpkin (prob 10-12" base, taller better than squat)

- A large model will be available for 2012, which will be shorter and able to handle a large pumpkin (will also allow you to create a tiered effect)

- They are a limited production run this year, but should be available at the retail level in 2012.

- Orders should ship this first week of October. If you're concerned about the shipping time for an international order, get in contact with the owner and expedited shipping may be able to be arranged.

This is a new product that is just finding it's legs (or in this case... arms). So hopefully we can be patient and see what come of it. I'm curious to hear about anyone's experimentation with the Punkin Post this year. Your feedback might lead to improvements in the product down the line.
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By amandap80
It must have been a successful first year, they are currently sold out!
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By wookie66
Im going to try and build my own next year with pvc pipe. I need 40 of them so i think pvc pipe is alot cheaper than ordering 40 punkin post.Going to have a cemetery next year but instead of tombstones im going to have pumpkins rising from the ground.
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By matspud
Did anyone else order Punkin Posts? What do you think?

Mine arrived today ( thanks Randy) and at first glance I can see several issues ( I won't say problems as they might not be problems for anyone else.

Here goes - The base , where you insert it into the ground, is good and thick - fine for putting into soil but not suitable for sticking into your lawn.
The "elbow" joint could be a weak point in my mind - the pin is good but there is nothing to secure it. The weight of the kin should keep it in place but there might be problems if it getting windy.

The hand - oh dear. While the rest looks sort of bone-ish, the hand is just white moulded plastic. On the plus side, the grip can supposedly be agjusted by using a heat gunIt is secured by a HUGE screw pin that is supposed to go up through the base of the kin. There are also 3 other plastic pins that have to pierce the kin to secure it. It is designed so that the fingers are at the front - not the best in my ( probably misguided) opinion as usually my kins weigh more at the back as I don't thin them so much at the back. The hand span is quite restrictive but they do say that it is not for large kins. It would work best for "bottom" cutters but the spike might get in the way of the lighting ( Howler light or candle).

All in all it is a great idea and I see why certain features are present but I am no too sure about the execution at the moment. A bit more refinement required to my mind.

Will let you know further when I have actually put a pumpkin on it.( ie got drunk enough to put extra holes in it :oops: )
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
Glad to have your review, matspud. I'm sure it will be helpful to both the inventor, and those who are considering buying this item.

On the topic of products like this, here's a pumpkin stand design I'd love to see available:

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By matspud
I will try to post a couple of pics to show my concerns. That one looks AMAZING Ryan :D