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By S.A.M
I wasn't sure if I should have started a new thread or not so I've worked a little bit of ZP Voodoo and raised this topic from the dead.

You see I have a question about the Rainbow Light, is there a good solid orange/yellow light mode? I did have a mulit-coloured one but I've broken it and can't remember the colours..oops.

I bought two of the artificial candle ones last year from elsewhere on the net and whilst they were alright I personally didn't like the flickering affect, it looks too artificial and it's easy to spot the pattern of the flickering. It would've been better if it had been more random and not quite so dramatic, at one point it looks like the "candle" has blown out.

If you've got more than one 'kin with an artificial candle I think it looks worse in my opinion, what do you guys think? Or am I just being too picky; :lol:
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
What I've always liked about these "candle" LED lights is that the flickering is at least more subtle that some of the pumpkin lights on the market. A lot of what you'll find are basically strobe lights.

As for the Rainbow version of the light being able to display yellow/orange, I'm afraid not. The lights on there are red, green, blue. Which technically should be able to create any color of light, but yellow/orange is out of it's grasp. The closest you can get to a candle light is having all the lights on, RGB, which creates almost a white (but with a bluish tone).
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By S.A.M
Thank you for the information Patch Master, much appreciated

Reading back what I posted I do sound a bit over-critical of them when I haven't really checked out any alternatives and you're right most people probably wouldn't notice anyway. They are a step up from candles if you want a hassle free Halloween without having to re-light your lanterns and wondering if they are illuminated proper.

But I wonder if Howler Brand intend to improve on them in the future or not? I've done a quick search and found some pretty convincing artificial candles, like this

it's a bit big for a jack o'lantern, but looks quite effective.
A microchip inside the candle creates random, non-repeating light patterns.
Quite expensive though, so it's out of the realms of possibility :lol:

I'll be in for buying some more Howler lights this year because they are good, I've just got to decide which ones!
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By matspud
Hey S.A.M . I have bought a ton of so called Candle light over the years and all of them have been rubbish apart from these I like the howler one best so far but I do know what you mean. I bought the colour change ones last year and they were a great hit. I think I will buy some more of the candle ones this year :wink: as I have about 12 of the others and the palin light makes a good balance against the colours.
I take one on holiday with me so my daughter can use one as a nightlight with the colours changing upon the ceiling of wherever we're staying, allows for the door to be all but closed, aiding more restful sleep for all concerned.
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By nosferatu
I discovered a massive problem with these lights this year. Despite carefully drying them after use last year, the battery compartments on my old stock had rusted which was really annoying as I was forced to use normal lightd from my stock.

The ones I purchased from the shop this year I placed in plastic sandwich bags before putting them in the pumpkins. No chance of them getting wet and saves on cleaning the lights.
Nos, you must have had some seriously wet kins!?

..try a fit of lemon juice on the rusted contacts & scratch it off with some emery cloth, works well on my fabulous leaking duracell batteries in my head-torch.
that should salvage them.

then contemplate a foam disc with some magic tape (craft tape to keep the battery compartment elevated.
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By SuperSonic
zombiepumpkins wrote:Funny that you mentioned that the red LED is weak. I think it's pretty bright. It's one of my favorites, at least. But red is my favorite color so I might be biased. Heh.

Personally, I think the blue color appears the most dim. While the green seems to be the brightest. Which is perfect for designs like the "Eye of Newt" witch, "Yoda" and "Herman Munster."
I too find blue is the most dim, I tryed it on Sonic not a minute ago and it doesn't really shine through, I think Red is brightest. However I also find green just as dim as blue.
Tkaraoke wrote:Ok, here is a before and after pic...


As you can see, using a piece of white board really makes those weak colors shine through. All I did was cut a piece a little larger than a 8x11 sheet of paper and lined the back of the Funkin with it.

The only negative I could find with using the white board is that when all of the LEDs are on, instead of a yellowish-orange color (as seen in previous message) you get a really weird grey-ish color.

BTW: I think I got a sun tan when I used it on the green setting! LOL
Would this technique work in REAL pumpkins? However using something like cardboard instead?
SuperSonic wrote:Would this technique work in REAL pumpkins? However using something like cardboard instead?
Anything light (white ideally) will reflect the most light. Brown cardboard won't really be brighter than the inside walls of a pumpkin, but put a white piece of paper in there and you should get some good light bounce.

While the blue LED might be dim to your eye, I bet you can still use it to get some great photos if you can steady your camera (tripod) and use a long exposure time. Just take a look at what Dadja is doing: ... php?t=4406
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By mudd
(im in a silly mood :D )

use one of these:ImageImage
By Ajax
The strobe effect gives a lightning type effect would be great if ryan did a haunted house looks great on my pinhead foamie. Love the colored lights ordered five more tonight hope they get here on time for the big day. Nothing like having spider-man lit up in red.
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By Hottie McNaughty
While I do think it seems like a softer color to your eye, I also feel the blue is *very* eye catching because it's such a saturated color. I love it! I also really like the green/blue combo.