Reviews of specific carving products by those who've used them.
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By SuperSonic
With the most recent re-incarnation of the Howlers being owned by Pumpkin Fun World, has anyone seen this particular model in action? I might consider buying it, but I don't want the strobe to be to fast. Anyone use this before? Or have a video handy?
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By shaft28
I own one, for a year or two now. It's fine. Frankly I really like my pumpkins to have either a traditional yellow light or a color one that fades through the spectrum. Th stobe does blink very fast, so you can take a photo no issue, but I find it doesn't add much creepiness factory that i hoped for.

Cons are is isn't super bright and it chews through batteries fast. It was the only one that went out on me Hallowee night. Neat idea, but I'll keep the strobes in the front windows.