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I ordered (2) of these to see if they are Bright enough for pumpkins...

What's Cool is they come with a Remote, and with a click of the button, you have Multi Choices for Color..
You can also Adjust the brightness.

The Issue is I can Only find them in China, So Shipping is Taking FOR_EVER ! - But if they Work well I will purchase them in the off Season for Next Year...

Oh and their Waterproof ! (The Actual Disc Takes Standard AAA Batteries)

Some Photo's of the Product.


Image ... Swn9lXKrbw

When mine Finally Come in, I'll test and Post Photo's..
St0ney, how well did these lights work?

I found a seller on eBay that's located in my state that sells them for a decent price. I was thinking of picking up a few, but was wondering if one single included remote would work to power on/off and adjust the lighting settings of multiple lights?

I ordered 2 of these and used them for Halloween this year. I found them on Amazon but they were not as low priced as those listed on Ebay. I think I paid about $5 per light.

They make a good replacement for the old school color changing Howler lights that are no longer for sale. I put them in a Chesire Cat and an Alice in Wonderland pattern. Got lots of positive comments from the trick or treaters.

In my case, each light came with its own remote. But I am able to use a single remote to power on and off both lights and change settings. The range on the remote isn't great. If the lights are right next to each other, in my experience, both of my lights will end up on the same setting for color and mode. When I put them farther apart and I am able to program each light separately.

Hope this helps. I am thinking of ordering several more from the Ebay seller referenced above. It's a better price and the pictures look identical to what I got from Amazon.
They sell those lights in the UK. I have bought a few to put away for next year. They are very bright and perfect for pumpkins.

Best feature is the clear acrylic case that makes them easy to clean.

The remote control means you don't have to mess around taking lids off kins etc so is a great feature. You can change from a strobe to a colour fade effect without disturbing your display.

I'm impressed for the price
Continuing on this subject, this year, I replaced a lot of my pumpkin lights with these, at £1.99 each I thought that this was a very reasonable price to pay.

Although these don't have a remote control very similar to the model in the original post, that I bought for £3.99 at ALDI.

There is a push button on the side that turns it on/off, but each time that you switch it back on, it changes to a different color/mode:
  • blue
  • green
  • red
  • blue & green
  • green & red
  • blue & red
  • blue,green and red
  • quickly merge through all the color combinations
  • slowly merge through all the color combinations
This was a nice feature so that I can select a specific color for specific designs rather than just rotate through all the colors. ... ed-dlx.asp