Request a pumpkin pattern or critique the current collection.
I'm just 'Over the Rainbow' to see that Dorothy is available now. This guarantees that a homage to this classic will be a part of my 2021 carvings. Now just need to set aside enough pumpkins for the task at hand...time to visit The Land of Oz!

Outstanding work again Ryan, thank you!

Doh! A winged monkey too....gotta find more pumpkins now....
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Happy Wizard Wednesday. The last one before Halloween.

Loyal henchmen to the Wicked Witch of Oz, the flying monkeys soar through the haunted forest. They swoop from the sky, recruiting an army of pumpkins. Now fly! Bring me a Winged Monkey pumpkin! Fly! Fly!


🖨️ Print Winged Monkey Pumpkin Pattern
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I'm going to keep 2 pumpkins on reserve for this and the wicked witch that I have never done despite having it in my arsenal for years now. I've been so excited this year about these Oz patterns, but work travel has me out of town until Sunday night, so this may be a post-Halloween carve for me this year. Glad I was able to get the other 4 done in time, at least! Thanks Ryan!