Request a pumpkin pattern or critique the current collection.
A few years back we got one Pattern from the wizard of Oz which hinted at the possibility of so many more but nothing since 2010 :( . I think this would be something cool to build on over the next three years or give us all in one shot I'd start with the tinman since he's my favorite.
My uncle did an entire wizard of oz series in dried gourds which he has since passed on to me. I will have to share photos as soon as I can take them. He designed the patterns himself. He did Dorothy, scarecrow, lion, scarecrow, tin man, a lion, tiger, a bear, and we carved an " Oh my!" To go with it.
I love this, there is a flying monkey thread here somewhere too.. I'll dig it up.
YES! when I saw the sneak peek in the email I KNEW this was coming, and I already have the perfect pumpkin selected, and a really fun idea!! I'm leaving for work today, so I won't be able to carve this one until I'm back home next Monday, but I'm so excited!!
Thanks for partially :wink: fulfilling that request. Love the pattern but he looks lonely. Hope to one day have the team but for now another new nice addition to 2021.