Request a pumpkin pattern or critique the current collection.
By The Vlad Hatter
I had considered opening a thread for 80s cartoons. There are a ton, but I believe I had read that Ryan prefers to keep it more Halloween related, so I didn't, but I'd imagine Skeletor fits.
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
Skeletor certainly fits. I'm sure there are other 80s cartoons that feature monsters and creatures, right?
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By Dredge
Heck yea! Thundercats for the win! I have that show on DVD...

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By pumkin-lights
Or mumm-ra from thunder cats
or baron greenback from danger mouse
or dr. Claw from inspector gadget
or hugo agogo from batfink
or venger from dungeons and dragons
or gargamel from the smurfs
or cyril sneer from the racoons
or shredder from t.m.n.t
or or or do i just watch tooooooooo many cartoons
given the fact that i'm no spring chicken anymore?
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By SaneInsideInsanity
:O gargamol
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By Tkaraoke
pumkin-lights wrote:Or mumm-ra from thunder cats
Mumm-Ra would be freeking awesome!!!
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By blueikaos
incredible hulk...
like ripping his shirt off or something...

Would look great with a green light :)
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By Tkaraoke
Dredge wrote:SNAARRF!!
I'm sorry, Dredge....I must kill you hard feelings! :D
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By xPunkinhedx
Mumm-ra from Thundercats would be Awesome. You could do either the mummy version or the Big Monster Version.

Also the Castle Greyskull from He-man would be cool!
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By Pumpkin Head
Mumm-Ra, Skeletor & especially the Incredible Hulk are all awesome ideas!

Edit: Forgive me, I have seem to overlook the fact that theres is already an Incredible Hulk stencil. My apologies to the Patch Master for overlooking such a wonderful creation. :oops:
By Ajax
I would love to see He Man and Skeletor added to the cult classics. There is a resurgence among adult fans.
Netflix is streaming two new animated shows based on Masters of the Universe. But it all started in September of 1983, when a cartoon designed to sell toys first introduced me to a blue-skinned Overlord of Evil named Skeletor.


Skeletor sees himself as rightful ruler of Eternia and Master of the Universe. So if you think you can imprison him in a pumpkin, you're a half-witted Halloweenie. Give it a try, you petulant pumpkin-head!

Print Skeletor Pumpkin Pattern
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To say im on board with this pattern would be a hugh understatment. Been collecting the origins line and megablox. Great pattern hope to see He-Man as well.