Request a pumpkin pattern or critique the current collection.
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By sloaner
Or how about something from never ending story :lol: One of the best parts this year haha.
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By Lala
We need Joyce and Hopper and a Demogorgon Stat. Hahah.
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By pagemaster1993
I just got around to watching the complete series (so far), and I would love to see more patterns. Although the Mandela Effect is setting in. I could have sworn their was already a Demigorgon pattern to go with Eleven.
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By Lala
Does begging work ? I need at least something so we can each do a stranger things pumpkin. Ryannnnnnn! Pleaaaaaseeeee
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
So many characters and monsters, it will be tough to please all. But here's something from Stranger Things...

The dungeon master needs a sub for our cult of Vecna campaign. What's your pumpkin carving class and level? Roll your D20 and see if you have enough hit points to defeat this pattern. This is Hellfire Club!


🖨️ Print Hellfire Club pumpkin pattern
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By Lala
I love it !

But still hoping for a demagorgon or Joyce/Hopper to match costumes. If not we'll do this and eleven ❤️
YES!! How can you NOT love Eddie??? plus I see that little hint on the FB post about possibly one more ST pattern...My porch is full of pumpkins! If I have time later I'm going to watch rewatch ST and scrape so they are ready for our pumpkin carving party tomorrow!