Request a pumpkin pattern or critique the current collection.
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By nosferatu
If someone as ham-fisted as me can do it - then anyone can. The design is jaw-droppingly awesome. I have been in the garage for ten minutes just looking at it. The rainbow pumpkin lights (from your store) work superbly with The Joker.

If I am a pumpkin junkie......that makes you my dealer!!!
By rzeznik
I can't wait to get off work today to bring this one to life-I am speechless with the incredible quality of this one-RYAN THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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By Barefootplumies
Love the pattern! Dang, I might have to go buy another pumpkin.
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By Euri
Ryan, this is simply STUNNING! I'm so excited for this! This and batman will definitely be carved. :D So happy!

Ingenious doubling up the fun with all of the Jokers graffitti all over the site. Cheers "Knight" of the Zombie Pumpkins!
By Joey
Simply amazing. While I'm not too crazy over the Dark Knight's Joker, this is really your best pumpkin of the year so far. I may have to carve it too!

And three hours from post to pictures? You're like a pumpkin ninja, Nosferatu!
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By Tkaraoke
Have I mentioned how much I really *REALLY* love this site? HAHAHAHA!!!

OMG! There have been a few Joker pattens out there this year but this one has to be the cream of the crop! I told myself I wasn't going to carve a Joker pattern this year because I thought it would be an overdone character but this pattern has seriously changed my mind!
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By gregh3196
I love that pattern! Cant wait to carve a pumpkin with that bad boy :D
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By Batgirl

I could not be happier. If only I had had this pattern when I threw my Dark Knight party the night of the premiere.

*sigh* Thank you, Ryan.

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By Batgirl
And I've just decided that right next to the AMAZING, OUTSTANDING, BRILLIANT (can you tell I love it?) Joker pattern will be a pumpkin with a pencil sticking in it...

By sara_mckinlay
Yay this pattern rocks my socks I can't wait to carve it. Thank you so much Ryan
By jones
This pattern is so awesome! Thanks so much!
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
I've seen it carved a few times already, and printed from the site WAY many more times than that. Seems we have a hit on your hands. Thanks everyone, glad you are enjoying.