Propose new ZP merchandise or review the goods you've ordered.
B is cool for all those carvers out there, but A is a hat or gift for any Halloween fan. A with the site name on the back is a gift and advertising as Joe whoever walks down the street. People spend a lot longer looking at the back of some Joe's head rather than the front.

I'd like the site on the back but like everyone said if it jacks up the price, you might be left with a lot for the summer sale.

I'll be getting one of whatever you end up offering.
I'll be buying one for sure little late suggestion for this year but the blood red color of your reaper shirt would be cool to even with the reaper stencil. Mock that up i bet it would look awesome.
so excited for this!!! I'm not known for my full head of hair (i rock the mohawk to show the brain cancer scars in support of people still fighting) and it can get cold in the patch on those early morning hunts.
mesmark, you had some good thoughts about this hat. The minions emblem (with crossed knives) is good for carvers, but the general ZP logo (with swirled vines) might be more suited for a general Halloween fan.

Well I took votes here on the forum, as well as on Facebook and Twitter. The design with the knives was a clear winner in the poll, but the other design wasn't that far behind. So I might offer that one someday. We will see how well these sell. This beanie will either be a failure or the first of many designs in a series. :P

Oh, and to stitch the lettering on the back side would have doubled the cost, since it's basically setting up a new section of embroidery, as if you were making a new hat. Didn't think it was worth it.